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Sex Quiz: Is He A Giver Or Selfish In Bed?

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As we grow up, we become even more unapologetic about our desires and that means we are not interested in giving out charity orgasms. We don’t want to have sex with men who think our sexual satisfaction largely revolves around making them cum, as and when they please. I want a guy who says “ladies, first” because we all know what happens when a guy goes first. However, not all guys are selfish in bed. There is this heaven-sent category of men that are givers. That means they get their kick from pleasing you. Knowing that he turns you on, arouses him too. When you need his affection, he will give you as much as you want. He will take it nice and slow and give it his all to make you orgasm. In fact, it’s not just a job he wants to be done. He wants your orgasms to be explosive and your pleasure to keep getting better.

This guy is a dream come true – sleeping in his arms, you will not have a shred of intimacy issues. Is the guy you’ve been seeing this angel? Take this quiz to find out if your man is a giver or selfish or somewhere in between.





Mostly As

You are one hella lucky girl. Your bae cares for you, selflessly. He is someone who likes to make you happy and wants your comfort, before his. So how can he be remotely selfish in bed? A sex session for him is releasing all that pent up love on you and taking you down with his affection canon. He is going to make you moan and cum and moan till you can’t take it anymore. And when you’re done, he will cuddle you like you’re his most prized possession. Wow, who wants to ever get out of bed?

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Mostly Bs

He is quite good in bed, and you share a great level of intimacy. There’s a healthy balance of give and take, but making love isn’t always about that. Since it takes more to turn a woman on and more to make us come, he should be able to put in a little extra. If needed, that is. Your sex life still seems pretty exciting and what matters is how satisfied you are.

Mostly Cs

This is the best catch you could get if you are into masochism. He is really selfish in bed and I am really surprised, you’re still sleeping with him. His behaviour calls for intervention. Communicate with him that you’re not pleased and what you need from him. He has to up his game and pay more attention to your pleasure. Or put him up on OLX, though nobody will really respond to his ad, if that’s how he functions.

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