10 Red Flags To Look Out For During Sex. He Might Not Be The Right One In Bed!

10 Red Flags To Look Out For During Sex. He Might Not Be The Right One In Bed!

Sex is an important part of our lives and a bodily need. But it still remains a lesser talked about topic. Apart from problems and problematic behaviour in love and relationships, there are some problems and problematic behaviours in bed too. While we all know about the red flags in love and relationships, no one talks about red flags in bed. FYI, our sex life also has red flags much like our love life. And romance usually makes us miss out on these red flags. Also because no one really tells us what red flags we should watch out for during sex. But we’ve got your back. We’ve listed some problematic behaviours in bed that may be huge deal-breakers in the long run. Take a look at the red flags you should look out for during sex.

1. Orgasm Obsession

If your partner tends to ask too many questions in bed and seems to be obsessed with your orgasm, that’s a red flag you do not want to ignore. I mean, who wants someone who’s always asking you “Did you come? How about now? NOW?” TBH, that’s not only a red flag but also a major turn off. Sex is not a race to reach orgasm!

2. DGAF About Orgasms

Someone who doesn’t care about your orgasm is just as bad as someone who is obsessed with it. If your partner is all about their own orgasm, that’s not the kind of partner or sex life you want to have. Orgasms shouldn’t be a one-way street. Also, that’s extremely selfish!

3. Not A Fan Of Protection

The biggest red flag is the kind of partner who does not want to use protection! We’ve all met people who ‘can’t orgasm with a condom on’ or who prefer the withdrawal method over using protection. I would suggest you steer clear of such kind of people if you don’t want to catch an STD or even worse, an unwanted pregnancy!

4. Body Shames You

They’re the worst kind of people. We know it’s best to stay away from those who body shame you openly but remember that there are those who do it in a subtle manner and sow the seed of insecurity in your mind over time with their ‘comments’ and ‘suggestions’. Plus, who doesn’t want a partner who loves your body the way it is.

5. Hates Constructive Criticism/Feedback

Sex is an art and not everyone perfects the art without some feedback or criticism. This is precisely why constructive criticism and feedback are important and if your partner finds it rude or just isn’t open to it, they’ll never be and you don’t want to have a long, bad and sad sex life.

6. Doesn’t Understand ‘No’

You know how they say, a woman ‘no’ is never a ‘no’? Well, it is a no and if he doesn’t get it, I suggest you dump his ass. Now, remember that this world has the kind of people who slyly ‘convince’ their partners into giving in to their demands of sex or experiments and they’re not the good kind either.

7. Uncomfortable With Sex Sounds

Sex is a normal bodily need and along with it come different bodily sounds of sex or maybe even vaginal flatulence AKA queefing. And if these sounds make your partner question your manners or if they’re uncomfortable with it, that’s a red flag you definitely should not ignore. You don’t want to spend your life holding in a fart because your partner is uncomfortable with the sound.

8. Not Willing To Experiment

It’s normal to have a partner who takes their time to open up and experiment but if you have a partner who isn’t on the same sexual page as you and is just not open to experimenting, that could be problematic in the long run. You don’t want to spend years having sex in the same position or being judged or ridiculed for having fantasies.

9. Sketchy Sexual History Or Tests

If your partner refuses to talk about their sexual history or get tested regularly or share the test results with you, I recommend you drop this partner like a hot potato. Someone acting sketchy about the history of their sex life or sexual health is a big fat RED FLAG.

10. Quick To Jump In And OUT of Bed

Now, we know people tend to fall asleep after having sex or some who struggle with post-coital dysphoria but if your partner is quick to jump in bed and then just snaps out of it, chances are that they are not very emotionally involved with you and are only there for the action. And it’s worse if your partner is nice to you before and during sex but does not have the decency to be nice after.

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Well, here’s to hoping you have a good sex life without all the red flags but if you do see the red flags, it’s time to flee in the other direction!

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