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8 Most Googled Questions About Sex And Sexual Health, Answered

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There was a time when sex and pleasure was taboo but in this day and digital age, things have changed drastically. Talking, researching and reading up about sex has become easier by the day, all thanks to the internet. Just one click is all we need to find out all about sexual intercourse that we need or want to know about. And thanks to the pandemic, speaking to an expert online has also become much much easier. Sex has always been a topic of interest for us all because it’s less talked about. TBH, most of us (at least in India) get our sex education from Google. If it wasn’t for this search engine, we wouldn’t know all that we do about sex positions, sexual health, orgasm, reproductive health and for that matter even our sexual and reproductive rights. Since Google has always had your back, we thought we should too. Hence, we decided to answer the most googled questions about sex. Take a look.

Why Does Sex Feel So Good?

Well here’s the answer. It’s all about the good touch. The physical touch sends signals to our brain which makes it release happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin which made you feel pleasurable. Research also suggests that stimulation of genitals and sex organs and its rhythmic nature creates a ‘loop of pleasure’ and makes one feel a variety of happy emotions.

How To Get An Orgasm?

We have already established that sexual intercourse, masturbation and orgasm are important for our sexual health but as a woman, I do understand that achieving the big O is not easy. The best way to get an orgasm is to explore your own body by masturbating. Begin by touching yourself at the right spots (you’ll discover them) to get an orgasm. And trust me when I say this, you’ll probably be better with your hands than your partner because you know your body. Oral and penetrative sex can also help you get an orgasm if stimulated properly (more foreplay).

Is It Normal To Have A Sex Dream?

Yes, it is absolutely normal. Sex dreams are very common. Over 70% of people experience such dreams at least once in their entire life. This mostly happens if you haven’t had sexual intercourse for a long time and feel the need to have sex. Remember that it’s perfectly normal to dream about doing the deed with people that you interact with regularly. There’s nothing wrong with it.

What To Do When You Have An STI or STD?

So, here’s the deal. If you ever experience any symptoms that hint at a sexual health-related problem like burning, itching, weird smell or infection around your genitals, consult a doctor immediately. It is important to get your symptoms for Sexually Transmitted Infections or diseases checked out immediately or it may take a toll on your sexual health.

How Can To Increase Your Stamina In Bed?

Increasing the time duration of having sexual intercourse has been one of the most googled questions for a while now. A lot of men struggle with quick ejaculation and feel the need to increase their stamina in bed because it is important in order to enhance their and their partner’s pleasure and satisfaction. While lifestyle changes play an important role in it, the fastest way to increase your stamina is to work out more and practise the simple technique of stopping the sexual stimulation 30 seconds before ejaculation in order to delay it. But always remember that apart from the duration, the quality of sex is also important for sexual satisfaction.

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How Often Should Couples Have Sex?

Don’t put a number on it. There is no fixed number of times that a couple should have sex. It depends on the people involved, their needs, understanding, comfort and love. Experts believe that couples should have sex at least once a week to maintain intimacy but some couples do it 2 to 3 times a day, some do it 2 to 3 times a week and some 2 to 3 times a month. So, it’s really all about your comfort, intimacy and individuality.

Why Does Sex Hurt?

There could be a variety of reasons behind this. If it’s your first time, you’ll definitely experience some pain and that is normal but if you have been constantly experiencing pain during sex there could be an underlying issue. It could be anything ranging from lack of lubrication to infection to vaginal dryness due to a health condition or medication. If the pain persists, you should see a doctor about it.

Are Condoms Reliable Birth Control Method?

Birth control is an essential part of sexual health and wellness. Condoms are considered to be the best form of birth control mainly because they protect you from unwanted pregnancies as well as sexually transmitted diseases and infections and they are extremely reliable if stored and used correctly. Remember that contraception is essential for people with active sex life.

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