Kim Kardashan, Pete Davidson Had Sex In Front Of A Fireplace. Here Are Some Safety Tips To Follow While Having Sex Near A Flame!


The second season of The Kardashians has been clearing the air in terms of the past of the Kardashian family. What makes this interesting is the fact that Kim Kardashian has been openly discussing her relationship with her past partners including Kanye West and Pete Davidson. As expected, she has also been giving out saucy details about her sex life. In the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian revealed that the duo had mind-blowing sex in front of a fireplace. She also shared that they did that to honour her grandmother who had shared some great sex advice.

Kim shared that she and Pete were staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel and were sitting in front of the fireplace and talking when she told him that her grandma had told her that one lives a long life when they have sex in front of the fireplace. And then the couple went on to have sex in front of the fireplace to honour Kim’s grandmother.

Are you planning to follow in her footsteps, hop on the rug and have some sexy fun near a fireplace, candle or an open flame? Let’s take a look at some safety tips that you should must remember when the sparks are flying.

6 Safety Tops To Keep In Mind While Having Sex Near A Flame

1. Never Leave The Room With The Candles

Letting an open flame burn alone can be a very dangerous act. So, even if the foreplay heats things up to the point where you want to shift to a different location, always remember the blow the candles out before you do so. This is extremely important.

2. Be Cautious With The Placement

While decorating a room with candles and flowers to surprise your partner can be the most romantic thing ever, it’s easy to get lost in thought while doing the same. So, always remain cautious while you’re placing the candles to make sure that they’re far away from easily flammable surfaces as well as curtains and drafts.

3. Place Them In The Middle Of Flat Surfaces

It is easy for the candles to fall and roll off flat surfaces too. These occurrences can surprise you with chaos and disaster. Remember to make sure that you place the candles in the middle of stable and flat surfaces to enjoy a safe experience.

4. Remember Wax Holders

Candle wax can drip down on you and while this might sound kinky, if you’re not using skin-safe candles, this means dealing with serious burns that can leave scars. Always place wax holders under the candles to avoid any scarring wax accidents.

5. Prep For Cleaning Way In Advance

Listen, man, if I’m being honest, wax is fun to play with but it is a bitch to clean up. So, doing some pre-play prep might save you a massive headache later on. Put down a plastic sheet or some puppy pads to make your cleaning process much for convenient. Keep quilts nearby to prepare for the worse too.

6. Prep Your Body Too

Cream or baby oil makes it much easier to remove wax in case of wax play and it also saves your skin from getting serious burns. The back or torso is a good starting-off point for this because these are the most accident-prone areas. Also, keep lukewarm water handy in case something happens.

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While experiments like these sound sexy and bold enough for them to end up at the top of our sex bucket lists, it’s also very essential to remember to be safe, while experimenting. Other than that, feel free to get sexy and bring the heat!

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