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I Masturbated With A Crystal Wand To See If They Actually Work And I’m A Believer Now!

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I recently heard about the magically orgasmic crystal wand because, well, they have been trending. A few friends who use them told me how it changed their whole experience so, of course, I had to research about them. Apparently, most people claim that masturbating with these crystal wands is supposed to help you have a spiritually, sexually, and emotionally invested experience.

Being an absolute cynic, I like to know the science behind everything but, I absolutely had to give this a try. First of all, these crystals not only heat you up but are hot on your pocket. They have a slightly higher price range but, there is a large variety of crystals that you can choose from. I bought a pretty pink coloured “the heart- original” for the high price of Rs 12,900 but hey, I liked how sparkly and shiny it is.

Then it hit me, was this another elaborate ruse? This toy reminded me of those rings that are sold to ‘promote’ healing, prosperity and other purposes. Well, who would have thought that a dildo was a more effective way to reach it? Must find out more about this crystal wand.

How To Get The Crytal Wand Magic Started?

The initial step for the crystal’s magic to work is to emotionally bond with the crystal wand and according to my research, the easiest way to do this is by cuddling with it at night. Just, make it a part of your life. Trying this, I feel was one of the reasons why I grew attached to my oh-so-pretty crystal and I felt like this was an important part of the whole experience. Now, there were just a few more steps to be followed for crystal healing:

1. Setting the intention you wish to achieve

2. Going through your day and exploring the sorrow inside

3. Of course, the bang-bang

4. A session of aftercare

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First, I addressed my intention of using the wand which was healing, cleansing and pleasure. Then, I thought about all the stress and unhappiness that I had felt that day. By this time, I was obviously in a vulnerable state, where was this coming from? I felt an emotional rush. After this, I started running the crystal up and down my body and as my excitement grew I drew it closer to my nether regions. Using it was surely a different experience than my usual silicone sex toys. It helped me reach that sweet climax and I felt more connected to my own emotions. Now the crystal somehow transformed into a companion, something I can cuddle with and something which helps satiate my sexual desires. While this was amazing and different, I couldn’t help but question its magical powers.

I researched and found an article about all the ways an orgasm affects our brain and the hormones released, apparently, 30 active parts of our brain are involved in the orgasm. These parts include the amygdala (memory and emotions), hypothalamus (subconscious body control), anterior cingulate cortex (impulse control and empathy), and nucleus accumbens (a feeling of euphoria). Along with this certain hormones like oxytocin (the love hormone), dopamine (the happy hormone), etc. are released. The cumulative effect of it all is that we feel more empathy, more relaxed, happier and more attached to our emotions.

Furthermore, this ‘healing’ essence that is attributed to the crystal is all about us. We just take a moment to ourselves, without all the rush of life as per usual. We are trying to be open and honest with ourselves during the ‘ritual’ and then, contrary to what we usually do, we validate and affirm our feelings and emotions.  The crystal itself, may not be magic but the whole recommended process that goes along with it, is surely magical. In a fast-moving life, it helped me connect with myself. It made my solo sesh about more than just getting off to feel less sexually charged. It changed it into a spiritual experience which is what makes it a must-try.

Alas, using the crystal wand has some dangers involved as well. Since a crystal is a porous material which can give spaces for the bacteria to inhabit, it can lead to infections and inflammations in our delicate regions. So, while the whole experience is amazing, remember to wash the crystal with warm water and soap as advised to keep it clean. Wrap it up in tissue while you keep it away, to keep it safe. Let’s make this experiment safe and fun. Bottom line, I’m a believer when it comes to the whole process.

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