How To Have Safe Shower Sex? 8 Tips To Keep It Risk-Free And Steamy

How To Have Safe Shower Sex? 8 Tips To Keep It Risk-Free And Steamy

The one thing that I find extremely sexy and sensual is the mix of water and sex (also ‘coz I’m a water baby). Yepp, I’m talking about shower sex. The feeling of water droplets cascading down your skin as you stare into your partner’s eyes and feel their bare skin against yours and the clean aroma of arousal in the air. Uff, is there anything more steamy than that? Now as sexy as that sounds, shower sex is not as easy as it looks in films and series. While Pete Davidson may have dropped everything (literally) to jump into the shower with Kim Kardashian, the duo had to take the risk of dropping (literally) while doing the deed in the shower. To have shower sex without slipping, sliding and tripping all over the place is an art that one has to master with practice (loads of practice). Unless you want to get naughty in the shower in awkward, dangerous and acrobatic positions. But we all want to have dreamy steamy sex in the shower, hai na? So, allow me to shower you with my knowledge and share some tips to keep it steam and safe in the shower.

1. Take A Seat

You cannot fall if you’re sitting, can you, now? If you own a shower seat, it’s best to sit down and have disaster-free sex in the shower. Vagina owners can straddle their partners and take control while bringing their sexiest fantasies to life with shower sex. In case you don’t have a shower seat, get one if you’re a fan of shower sex, safe shower sex.

2. Mat To The Rescue

If you fancy having sex standing up in the shower, you definitely need to own an anti-slip rubber shower mat. This allows you and your partner to plant your feet on the ground properly and gives you more grip. This means you get to experiment with positions without having to worry about slipping and falling and getting injured. Plus it’s a lot more comfortable to have shower sex when you have a strong grip.

3. Harder, Baby!

I mean hold it harder, baby. If you don’t have a shower mat and you want to experiment with shower sex, it’s best to find something to hold onto hard. Be it the wall or the towel holder, get a grip on it if you want to lose control, safely. Suction-on handles and foot rests are game-changers when you want to keep your balance as you get down and dirty. FYI, you can also try doggy style if you’ve got a good grip!

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4. Up Against The Wall, Not Water

Yepp, I mean that quite literally. Have shower sex up against the wall but not against the flow of water. You wanna be dripping wet during shower sex (both ways) but you don’t want to water to hit you in the face as you choke and gasp (not in pleasure) for air. Nothing is more annoying than your face being doused with water. So pick a position which isn’t against the flow of the water.

5. Keep It Wet

Not with water but with lube. I cannot stress this enough but water does not serve as a good lubricant so make sure to keep a silicon-based lube because water WILL wash away your natural lubricant as well as water-based lubes and you don’t want to have shower sex when your partner’s vagina feels like the Sahara Desert.

6. Keep The Condom Away

Now, normally I wouldn’t recommend this and even now I’d say, ONLY do this with a partner that you absolutely trust or are exclusive with. Go raw and leave the condom but remember to use some other form of contraception. Condoms and water aren’t the best of friends. Water increases the chances of the condom slipping off during intercourse. Moreover, shower products are known to break down the condom while water washes away the lube on the condom and increases the chances of it ripping. So, it’s best to pick another method of contraception. But I’d still recommend you keep the condom on if you can.

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7. Get Dirty In The Shower

If you want to turn the heat up in the shower and you’re a risk-taker, you can try introducing some shower-safe sex toys to shower sex. You can also stick to good old oral sex and foreplay in the shower without going all the way. Go down on each other, get handsy and makeout.

8. Finish In Bed

You can always get started in the shower and enjoy the foreplay and then take it to the bedroom. Shower sex comes with some challenges and if you don’t fancy taking a risk you can always have sex in the bed while you’re still wet from the shower…

Keep it kinky and clean, peeps!

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