Harmony, An AI Sex Doll Can Talk Dirty, Self-Lubricate And Have Orgasms. Whatever Happened To Good Ol’ Human Connections.

I’d like to call myself an old-fashioned lover because honestly speaking, I don’t vibe well with the millennial way of dating. It’s not like am proud of it or anything because several times it does backfire. I’d really like to be detached and indulge in romancing without strings attached. Sure, dating apps are hella convenient, you can get what you want (in this case, a quickie!) at the click of a button…much like online shopping. Which is why, sometimes I regret not being able to catch up with modern dating trends. And while that anyway has me feeling a bit lagging and slow, they decided to go ahead and make AI sex robots. Like hey, slow down!

Recently, an AI love-droid called Harmony by RealDoll, a US-based company that makes love dolls was launched and it took the sex toy industry by storm. Why? It’s not like sex dolls didn’t exist before Harmony showed up but this female sex doll is known to be the most evolved of all. There were inflatable sex dolls but those didn’t last long because they were prone to wear and tear. And ofcourse, they couldn’t offer much except a place to insert your penis into. Well, a lot of men do look at real women the same way so I guess they just have more women (love-droids) to objectify now. They won’t mind because they are kinda, sorta already…objects.

But the makers of this sex-bot claim that it’s more human-like and can build an emotional connection. I mean, at the end of the day, it doesn’t have feelings so it will just pretend to be emotionally connected. Well, sounds pretty much similar to my actual dating life but okay.

Harmony, claims to be different from other sex-bots. It can blink, move its head, crack jokes, have dirty conversations and even remember previous encounters. What’s more, it can self-lubricate (men who suck in bed, rejoice!) and buzz is that these sex bots will also have features such as built-in heaters to mimic our body warmth. They will also have sensors to react to your touch, so men who couldn’t make a woman orgasm, can give a boost to their fragile and damaged egos.

Experts say that these sex dolls will become a common phenomenon. In fact, Ian Pearson, a futurologist has predicted that it can even substitute human-with-human sex by 2050. If that’s the case, then I am glad that I will probably be too old by then and hopefully, not very adventurous. Because honestly, I don’t think human intimacy can be replaced with bots. But guess, we’ll have enough time to figure that out!

Lissa Rivera, a curator at the Museum of Sex in New York City agrees and told Cosmopolitan, “What makes people feel crazy is having no-one to talk to or give emotional support.” Instead, she predicted that AI can rather act like a coach, which can be great.

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I am sure, somewhere there are male sex-bots too, so it’s probably not a man vs woman issue. But seriously, if we are ever going to replace human sex with bot sex, it’s pretty fucked and not in a good way.

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