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Dating Apps Now Offer More Than Love. Therapy, Vaccine Updates, The Pandemic Has Changed How Women Date

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I am old school. I mean, I have been married for 10 years, so actually I think at this point, I am just old. In my time, we didn’t have dating apps. We mostly exchange BB pins with people we knew and conversations happened, if they did. Or we met the old-fashioned way, when dating apps didn’t exist. Like friends of friends and stuff like that. But things have evolved and now chances are your soul mate is a single swipe away from you.

But despite the accessibility of dating apps in recent times, these companies have had to evolve considering that what people want today is completely different from the pre-pandemic world. With mental health issues skyrocketing, loneliness becoming a serious problem and covid being too scary to consider stepping out, dating apps have had to change tactics.


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Tinder India recently introduced  a feature where users can get access to mental health resources, including free sessions with licensed therapists, and emotional wellness content which includes stuff like guided meditations, fitness videos and more. As all of struggle with burnouts and pandemic anxiety, dating apps are being dynamic, constantly serving members.

Other dating apps are not far behind. With loneliness during the pandemic being crippling, the requirement from these apps has gone beyond just finding someone to love. Now it’s about finding friends. Bumble already has a feature called Bumble BFF is being expanded by the company as they find more people on dating apps are seeking platonic relationships. According to market research, apps that offer to connect you to friends in your locality have seen more engagement than dating apps.


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Besides actively seeking out friendships, people are also looking to be safe, never a bad idea in covid times. These platforms are now catering to this requirement too. An app called QuackQuack has a vaccine feature that displays the vaccination status of the person. The app claims that this would help majorly in profile selection. This was a feature that was actually requested by users of the dating app, many of them saying they would be hesitant to date someone whose vaccine status they were unclear about.


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