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5 Ways To Treat Vaginismus, A Vaginal Penetrative Disorder That Makes Sex Painful

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When it comes to sex, it can make you feel on top of the world. Sex is known to be a happiness-inducing activity as it releases all these hormones in you that relieve stress, make you feel at peace and help you bond. It’s like a very pleasurable workout and I believe many of us who have had it would agree. However, it’s worth noting how the same activity can lead to a lot of anxiety and depression in people. Everyone sees it through filters of their own past experiences and beliefs. Sometimes, it also depends on who you are doing it with. And many times, your body makes it difficult for you to enjoy sex. Vaginismus is a penetrative disorder that makes sex painful. You can treat vaginismus though, it’s possible.

Vaginismus can be of two types (if you what to know it is, read it here) – the primary is when you always had it and it’s painful irrespective of the sexual partner you have. The secondary is when you didn’t always have it. There are some people who experience it with specific people or things.

Either way, living with vaginismus can be quite detrimental to our mental health. Unable to enjoy sexual intercourse or even have it can make us feel damaged and broken. However, one should note this is more common than we think it is. And remember, it is not your fault.

It may seem like a dead end but experts say it is very much treatable. Here’s how you can treat vaginisumus.

  1. Work with a sex counsellor

Many of us never had real or good sex education. Several women are still unaware of how things work and about our own anatomies. We know uncertainties and ignorance can come with anxiety, especially when you have vaginismus. Working with a sex counsellor can help you understand your body better. It will also help you truly understand what the sexual disorder is all about, relaxing your anxiety around it significantly.


  1. Treating your anxiety is an important step

Speaking of anxiety, many experts say that vaginismus can have psychological causes including anxiety around sexual intercourse. Several experts say that having it further aggravates your anxiety, leaving you frustrated in a vicious loop. Hence, it is advisable to work with a therapist on treating your anxiety and the hidden psychological causes behind it.

  1. Use vaginal dilators

“Place the cone-shaped dilators in your vagina. The dilators will get progressively bigger. This helps the vaginal muscles stretch and become flexible,” Healthline advises. They also suggested that to increase intimacy, you can ask your partner to help you with. However, these must be used after consulting your doctor.


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  1. Physical therapy

The way we have physiotherapist to help with exercises post a fracture or a sprain, there are physical therapists that specialise in pelvic floor. They help you on how to use the vaginal dilators correctly and also with relaxation techniques that may enable you to treat vaginal spasms during intercourse.

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  1. Try lubricants and different sexual positions

Vaginal dryness can make sex even more painful and when you feel anxious about your vaginismus, it’s likely that getting wet will be difficult. To cope with it, you can use lubricants which will enable the penis to glide in smoothly. You may also try out different sex positions and figure what works for you. Consult a sex therapist to know more about it. This will help you effectively treat vaginismus.

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