5 Reasons Why Having Sex When You’re Drunk Out Of Your Mind Is A Terrible Idea

5 Reasons Why Having Sex When You’re Drunk Out Of Your Mind Is A Terrible Idea

I would like to call myself an introvert, even though my editor profusely denies that. Okay, fine, I am an ambivert but I take my time to start indulging in a dialogue with new people, except when I am drunk. My walls go down with just a clink of my fourth drink and then, I start talking effortlessly to people like I have known them since forever. It’s not like I feel shy when I am sober; I am rather disinterested. Why am I talking about my social personality? Well, because my sex personality is pretty much the same. When I am sober and making out with him for the first few times, I tend to be coy and not so bold. A few drinks in my system and there I am, blowing his mind with my moves, unabashedly!

Once I am comfy, I don’t need alcohol to rock his world but tipsy sex is great. Note that I am praising tipsy sex, not so-drunk-I-can’t-walk-straight sex. That’s just too clumsy, accident-prone and kinda uggs. He takes two hours to figure where to put his keys in when drunk, how is gonna successfully put his penis in, at least in first attempt? Okay, these aren’t legit reasons to not have drunk sex but I can’t deny I have pondered over these a couple of times. Anyway, here are some legit and logical reasons to not have drunk sex.

Too much alcohol can decrease your libido

When you’re on a date and two drinks down, you begin to get frisky with each other. Suddenly, you realise the barriers go down and your libido shoots up. You find him leaning closer and you’re laughing too much on his lame jokes and touching his arm. At that point you know you want to kiss the fuck out of him and that’s good. But when you overfill your system with alcohol, all you can think of is dancing like a maniac before passing out on a nice, cozy bed. That is because testosterone, the hormone that makes you horny, reduces after you consume alcohol.  So instead of puking into his mouth, which isn’t sexy anyway, skip the drunken escapades.

It’s difficult to get wet and orgasm

They say alcohol dehydrates you but did they tell you that it can dry up your vagina as well? You will be wondering why you’re not getting wet enough but you’ll probably be too drunk to even realise that. Until when he penetrates and you have dry sex and the next day your vagina feels like it has fought a battle of its own. Also, since alcohol tends to dull your sensations, you will find it difficult to reach orgasm. What a waste of a sex sesh!

Men can lose their boners

Imagine you’re drunk AF and after putting a lot of effort in stabilising yourself, you go down on your knees to give him the best oral sex of his life. Except, his dick has gone from upright to curled up and there you are, wondering if you did something to cause that. No, woman, he lost his boner to alcohol!

Accidents can happen

My muse behind this article is one of the writers in our team. She was telling me about a crazy mishap that occurred when she was having drunk sex and that’s when I decided to swear off it. So they were having shower sex and when the condom went missing from his penis, they thought it had slipped off. Except, it popped out from her vagina three fucking days later. This is literally crazy and one of the biggest reasons why I would not indulge in drunk-out-of-my-mind sex. I am okay with tripping and falling flat on my face (I mean not so much but I have been there, done that!) But waking up later with a condom in my vagina or forgetting to pee so having to deal with a UTI is just not my thing!

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You will not remember much

Unless the sex has been terrible, I would like to be sober and feel every bit of it. What is the point if I don’t remember the way he looked at me while making love? What is the point if my explosive orgasm is nothing but a blur? I would like to be wide awake, canoodle, think about it two days later and blush like a teenager!

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