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Your Guide To Giving Yourself The Best Orgasms

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Whether you’re single or taken, a little bit of *me time* doesn’t hurt! Even today, a lot of us aren’t comfortable with our own bodies. We don’t know our bodies well, which makes it even more difficult to tell what physically stimulates you. While men seem to have established a monopoly over masturbation, almost deeming it necessary for *health reasons*, women need it too!  We need orgasms, for both health and pleasure, so why not claim what is rightfully yours? Don’t let your pleasure be dependent on a guy alone. If you’re new to this, don’t worry, here’s a guide on how you can masturbate to achieve explosive orgasms.

Don’t let society ruin it for you

Even though we are in 2019, a woman’s chastity is supposed to be inversely proportional to her sexual desires. Like several other pleasures, masturbation is not supposed to be indulged in by women, or so the aunties of our society propagate. But do we owe them anything? Before you even begin, clear your mind of such silly notions. The pursuit of happiness shouldn’t be a taboo. Why should boys have all the fun, right?

Be relaxed

The most important thing in achieving an orgasm is feeling relaxed. When we are stressed or conscious, we just can’t get off, at least not in a way that gives you mind-blowing orgasms! So take a nice hot shower and let the worries of your day fade into horizon. ‘Cause it’s time for some self-love!

Wear something sexy

It may seem a bit much, since you don’t really have an audience (your bae!). But dressing sexily will make you love your body and feel sexier! Wear a nice, little teddy or anything that makes you look fiery hot. Dab your favourite perfume and get set for some action.

Stimulate your mind

Next, you need to get excited and wet. Think of what really turns you on. Is it that memory of him kissing your breasts? Or do you like to read about the sexy adventures with a stranger? Stimulate your mind with erotic literature, videos or use your imagination, unabashedly.

Work that clit

Don’t touch yourself down there till you get dripping wet. Start working your clit in slow, circular motion. You will feel a tingling sensation in your pelvic region. The slower you are, the better orgasm you’ll achieve.

Hit the G-spot

While most women can experience multiple orgasms just by stimulating their clit, you may want to amp it up by touching your G-spot. Insert a finger in your vagina and feel around. And once you find the exact spot that makes you go cray cray, tap it till your mind is blown!

Use a sex toy

Sex toys are made to enhance your pleasure in ways your fingers can’t. From clit stimulators, vibrators to massage oils, there’s so much help available. You can check out our guide on sex toys here and maybe get yourself one too! Yes, yes, they are available in India!


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