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7 Stereotypes About Men That Are Absolutely Untrue!

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All of us are guilty of making assumptions about others.  These assumptions may be based on the places someone frequents (for instance, if someone goes to a club in a five-star hotel every weekend, you’d assume they are loaded), or on how they dress (a woman who likes to wear sarees must either be orthodox or an intellectual snob), their profession (everybody in the media parties and gets high all the time), or, their sex! When it comes to the last one, it’s not only women who are at the receiving end of such biases and stereotypes. We make many assumptions about men, too. Here are 7 assumptions you’re probably making about that couldn’t be further from the truth.

1. All men are cheaters

This is the same as saying no woman has ever cheated on her partner, and we all know how untrue this is!

2. Men hate housework

That men are not as involved in housework is the fault of the system, not the gender. Times are changing now, and men who enjoy whipping up a meal or keeping the house clean, step up and participate.


3. Men are inherently aggressive and violent

Are women inherently irrational and oversensitive? These are characteristics we associate with one’s sex because that is what the patriarchal system wants us to believe. Not every guy would be up for a brawl in a bar.

4. Men are insensitive, and cringe at anything to do with emotions.

Come on! Men are human beings too! Because of our sexist upbringing, some men may not know how to deal with emotions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any.

5. When a man asks for space, he is no longer interested in you

Sometimes, this is true. But a lot of times, he genuinely just needs to tune out, so he can tune in to himself. His space is your ‘me-time’.

6. All that men want is sex

Umm, no. They don’t deny their desire, but they want more than just to get laid. They may be comfortable with casual sex, but they won’t do it with just anybody.

7. No man will tolerate his partner earning more than him

Come on, ladies! It is the 21st century. If you still feel there’s not a man in the world who won’t be intimidated by your success, maybe you’re not looking hard enough.

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