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What You Need To Know If Your First Real Relationship Just Ended

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It’s the worst feeling, isn’t it? To have to face that something you thought would never, ever end, has come to a gruesome halt. This may or may not have been an eventuality, but certainly, you made your hopeful heart believe that this relationship would never end! Your first love would be your last.

But, now that it’s happened, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise?

Take it from someone who has had many, your first relationship, no matter how madly in love you may have been, and how committed to each other, is actually really just the beginning. Not only of your love map, but of your own personal growth map. You may have figured this out by now, but let me remind you – you are a different person now than you were before this relationship, and you can choose what you want to make of the heartbreak!

We learn from every experience, good or bad, brief or not, and this holds true for love as well. So, take stock of all the lessons you learnt – about yourself, people, love, and life itself – and move forward, with your chin high, and soul a little wiser.

No, really. It’s not as terrible as you may be feeling right now. Heartbreak has immense potential, and it is upto you to tap into it. Don’t make the mistake of wallowing for too long, or losing hope. The first relationship is just a practice run. In the next, you will be better, and in the one after that, even more so!

But, do remember, that this person – your first love – will always be special, and reserve a soft spot in your heart. You will reach a point where you will no longer desire to be with them, but you will always think of them fondly, and maybe even get a little weak in the knees over them! That’s the beauty of it all, though. Consider this to be a flower you plucked from a lush garden, that you pressed in a book to keep forever as a bookmark.

Bookmark this relationship, but don’t let it keep you from living your best life!

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