7 Hilariously Relatable Thoughts Every Woman Has During Sex

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7 Hilariously Relatable Thoughts Every Woman Has During Sex

Ladies, we all know that sex can be a rollercoaster of emotions and sensations and sometimes our brain can’t help but leave the scene and think about something absurd. Don’t lie to yourself ladies, we have all been there! Mind you, these are probably the most hilarious things that come to your mind! So if you’ve ever found yourself in the throes of passion only to have your mind wander off into the absurd, fear not – you’re not alone! Here are a few hilariously relatable thoughts that most woman has during sex!

1. “Did I Turn Off The Stove?”

Ah, the eternal question that plagues many. Happens to the best of us! It’s almost like at some point during sex, our brains go into an internal checklist of things that aren’t remotely related to sex.


2. “I Wonder If I Locked The Front Door?”

Just as the things in your bedroom are about to heat up, you suddenly start picturing burglars raiding your home. Trust me we’ve all been there and it’s so relatable. Note to self: invest in better home security or start keeping a spare key under the mat.

3. “Do I Have A Weird Facial Expression Right Now?”:

This is the most prominent of all. The amount of times I’ve heard women talk about this one is crazy. With all the concentration and passion in the room, the age-old question of “Am I looking hot or goofy” never leaves your head!


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4. “Is That Noise Coming From Me Or The Bed?”

Yes, we’re all riding the same boat. Because let’s face it, sex is a noisy business. At times you start questioning whether that sound is the squeaky mattress or you and things get a little awkward. Time to get a noise-cancelling headboard, perhaps?

5. “I Hope The Neighbours Can’t Hear Us”

Oh yes, this one is a classic. Speaking of noise, there’s always a weird feeling that makes you feel that the whole world has stopped with their daily lives and can hear your bedroom antics. Whether it’s the walls or your crazy imagination, it makes you question everything!

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6. “Did I reply to that work email?”

Workaholics, I see you! Just when you think that you have left work behind and are fully free to enjoy this moment, your brain reminds you of the urgent mail that’s left unanswered in your inbox. Multitasking is playing games with our brains, ladies!


7. “Why Am I Suddenly Craving Pizza?”

The food items keep changing, it can range from a sudden urge to have an ice cream to eating 10 slices of pizza. And all of that during sex? Not the best thing. But honestly, who needs a pillow talk when you can discuss your favourite topics instead?


So trust me when I say this, you are not alone when it comes to getting absurd thoughts during sex. It’s all of us. From mundane worries to random cravings, our thoughts can take us on quite the journey. But at least it keeps things interesting, doesn’t it?

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