10 Cliché Things Every Cheater Says When They Get Caught. This Is A Sign You Should Dump Them!

Time to run in the other direction!

Being in love can feel amazing but it comes with the risk of getting hurt. You may love someone with all your heart and everything may seem hunky dory but there’s no guarantee on when things will take a turn. It’s not uncommon to come across cases where one partner has cheated on the other and we know it never ends well. Imagine catching your partner in the act or walking in on them or finding their flirty and dirty chats on their phones only for your partner to come up with an excuse to shed the blame and not take accountability for their actions. If you’ve caught your partner cheating and plan to confront them, here are some common things that your cheating partner may say that indicate problematic behaviour and pattern.

1. “It Didn’t Mean Anything At All. He/She Doesn’t Mean Anything To Me!”

This is your partner’s way of minimizing the issue and showing that you still mean the world to them. But if that was the case, why did they cheat on you in the first place? And if they do care about you so much, why are they minimizing the issue to hold onto their relationship with you instead of actually taking accountability for their actions?

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2. “It Was Just A One Time Thing”

So, it’s okay to cheat on your partner as long as it’s just once? Not only is your partner minimizing your pain and their mistake by doing this but they’re also making an excuse to not own their mistake.

3. “It Was Just Sex/It’s Not Like We Had Sex.”

It’s essential to understand that infidelity is infidelity, it doesn’t matter if it’s physical or emotional. When your cheating partner says that it was nothing more than sex, it only means that they’re trying to tell you that they did not emotionally cheat on you in an attempt to minimize the pain. And when they say there was no sex involved, they’re just trying to use a technicality to excuse their emotional infidelity (which, just BTW, is much worse).

4. “It Won’t Happen Again”

Your cheating partner wants you to trust them to not cheat on you again and they’re asking for this trust to be served on a platter instead of working to earn your trust again. But what’s the guarantee? Is that a chance you really want to take?

5. “It’s Nothing. You’re Just Paranoid/Insecure”

Erm, if your partner said something along these lines, run in the other direction because apart from straight-up refusing to take ownership of their mistake, they’re also gaslighting you into believing that they’re not cheating on you at all. Do you really want to “save” a relationship that you have with a cheating and manipulative person?

6. “You’re Blowing This Out Of Proportion!”

So, your partner who was cheated upon should take this lightly? Because who doesn’t cheat, right? Your partner is dismissing their problematic behaviour and minimizing your feelings about it. They’re shifting the blame to not take blame.

7. “I Was Drunk/They Came Onto Me.”

This one is simple, they’re shifting the blame on the other party by playing the victim card. But we’ve all had moments when we’ve had a few too many drinks but does that mean we don’t know what we’re doing? Also, unless your partner was a victim of sexual assault, that’s just an excuse because it takes two to tango. If the other person kissed them, they kissed back.

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8. “It Happened Because You…”

Okay, so the blame games have begun. Your partner is just finding a way to blame you or the relationship in order to not take the blame. And no, that’s not okay. They always had the option to walk out, they didn’t have to cheat and get caught. Know that there’s nothing you could’ve done to prevent this, cheaters will always find a reason to cheat.

9. “It’s Not What It Looks Like”

The second they say this, you must walk away because it is exactly what it looks like and if you listen to them any further, they will excuse their cheating and attempt to portray it as if it’s all a misunderstanding and gaslight you. So, don’t give them the benefit of the doubt when you catch them red handed. There’s no excuse for cheating.

10. “You Also Cheated On Me/How Do I Know You’re Not Cheating?”

You know how they say, an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind? The same goes for your situation here. If your partner’s excuse for cheating on you is that you cheated on them in the past or because they think you might be cheating, there’s nothing left to save. So, you might as well walk out of this relationship.

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These things indicate that your partner is not willing to take the blame or acknowledge their mistake and suffer the consequences. They simply want to find the easy way out and save their relationship with you while they’re at it. This also means that you must run in the other direction.

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