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The Best Sex Positions For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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It doesn’t matter what time of the year you are born, sex has an appeal that’s universal. But then, there’s no singular way to enjoy it. In fact, experimentation is key to discovering what could be fun for you. We love the kisses. But what if we told you that there is way for you to know what works for you based on your zodiac sign? Yes, absolutely, that would be interesting. Are you the cow girl kinda girl? Or the missionary kind? Here’s decoding the best sex positions for you, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries – Fast F**k

You’re a feisty woman who hates delaying her orgasms, which is why the fast f**k sex position is perfect for you. In this position, your bae is lying on his back, and you are on top of him. Sounds like cowgirl, right? Except…you are squatting (finally those gym classes coming to use!) in the air. The reason it’s called fast f**k is that the intercourse is happening at full speed and there’s no stopping you.

Taurus – Missionary

You love things to be romantic and there’s nothing more loving than a classic missionary! Your man lies on top and showers you with kisses while he can alternate between slow, sensual thrusts and vigorous banging. And when the sex is done, you’d like him to collapse into your arms for some more lovin’!

Gemini – Lotus

You love things to be fun, which is why run-of-the-mill sex positions don’t interest you! Every Gemini will love the Lotus sex position, which is unique and poses a bit of a challenge. To get into this position, the man must first sit down and cross his legs. Then you sit on his lap and cross your legs around his waist. In this position, rocking works better than thrusting! You both can look into each other’s eyes and amp up the intimacy while sexying it up!

Cancer – Butterfly

You may be cute and come across as shy on the outside, but when it comes to making love with your bae, you are fire! Cancerians are creative and willing to experiment, which is why you love the Butterfly sex position. In this position, you are lying on the edge of the bed and he stands in between your legs. You can either wrap your legs around his waist or rest them on his shoulders. This position allows for deeper penetration, and that’s always a good idea.

Leo – Doggy

You are a dynamic woman who loves wild, passionate sex! Doggy style makes you moan with animalistic pleasure. You can sit on your fours while he penetrates you from behind. There’s a devil-may-care attitude with this position and it will appeal to your senses.

Virgo – Deep Impact

Whatever you do, you like to do it right and with utmost perfection. So when it comes to sex, there’s no half-hearted pleasure for you! You like to go straight for the Deep Impact position. In this sex position, you need to lie on your back and point your feet towards the ceiling while he kneels between your legs. You can also bring your knees closer to your chest for more stimulation.

Libra – Advanced Crab Walk

You love sex that involves a bit of a challenge for both the partners. Which is why this position works best for you. To get in this position, you both need to sit on the floor facing each other, with knees bent as shown in the picture. You won’t be able to do a lot of in-and-out movement here, but it will stimulate your clit really well!

Scorpio – Coital Alignment Technique

You are a passionate girl with a high sex drive! And this position will promise you multiple Os…every single time! First, get into the classic missionary sex position. Then he needs to elevate himself a bit so that the base of his penis is touching your clit (hence the orgasms!). With every thrust, you are bound to lose your mind!

Sagittarius – Flatiron

You love animalistic sex but you also love warmth and comfort. And for you, this cuddlier version of doggy style comes handy! In this position, you lie on your stomach, and he enters you from behind. He’s going to be close to you and this position works splendidly to steam it up.

Capricorn – Cowgirl

You are a classy woman, who drops all inhibitions in bed! Combine your urge to have control and the boundless energy you have, and cowgirl becomes your go-to sex position. This woman-on-top position helps you control the speed and movements…and your orgasms!

Aquarius – Man Missionary

Your libido is limitless and you are up for a sesh anytime he is (or possibly, isn’t). The Man Missionary sex position is basically the opposite of missionary with the man lying on his back, and you sleeping on top of him. This is the kind of slow, sensual ride that should last a long time. You get to stare into his eyes and the entire experience is pure lust.

Pisces – Spooning

You’re emotional, sensitive and like your sex to feel like a spiritual union. In Sexual Spooning, you both are cuddling while he penetrates you from behind. This leaves you feeling satisfied both physically and emotionally! And of course, you get to collapse into it as soon as you’re done which is kind of perfect.


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