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This Sex Toy’s Innovation Award Got Revoked For Being “Immoral”. Why Does Women’s Pleasure Scare Us?

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While sex toys have existed in our universe since, like forever, our society is still not comfortable with the concept of women pleasuring themselves. Sounds regressive AF, right? You may think it’s only India that’s struggling, but turns out, the problem here is rather global. So here’s what happened. The sex toy company Lora DiCarlo had planned to present its debut product at CES, an annual trade show organised by the US-based Consumer Technology Association. Their product, the Osé Robotic Massager had won one of the innovation awards at CES, an award they revoked, wait for it, for being “immoral”.

Yes, you read it right? The brilliant sex toy designed to give women hands-free pleasure was considered profane by the association. And we just couldn’t get our heads around this! And while the company fought for it and eventually got their award back, we still don’t have a clear answer on what is so immoral about a woman pleasuring herself?

All-inclusive just a sham?

So after a bit of digging, we realised that this is the same association which does include sex tech products in their categories. So why revoke a product which is definitely innovative? Is it because Lora DiCarlo is a company run by women, for women? Do we smell misogyny here? We think it’s not just about women choosing to enhance their pleasure. This could be about a bigger thing where a majority of tech companies, a potentially male-dominated arena refuse to acknowledge the importance of women and the pleasure. Up until recently, CES didn’t even have participation from female speakers! Women were limited to being ‘booth babes’ which makes the entire convention kind of a sausage fest.

Sex toys are not just about pleasure

While we believe sex toys play a key role in enhancing your pleasure, they basically affect your overall well-being too. A lot of couples struggle with dissatisfaction in their sex lives. All that oxytocin you get from those super amazing orgasms, reduces your stress, improves your sleep – and basically positively affects your life expectancy. With all these health benefits of being sexually satisfied, and of course the pleasure bit – why on earth would sex toys be considered taboo? Why are we speaking in hush tones when it comes to vibrators and stimulators? Why are we dismissing sex tech as “immoral”?

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Our society definitely needs a change in mindset. We aren’t saying we are far from it. There’s been so much progress lately and we’ll definitely get there sooner or later! The fact that the sex toy company got its award back certainly gives us hope that all is not lost. We got this!


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