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#Relationships: What His Post-Sex Behaviour Says About His Feelings For You

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Years ago, people were essentially unacquainted with the tricks and tips of trapping themselves a partner. However, with time they learnt – from word of mouth, movies, and guides. Although I wouldn’t deem cinema a source of education when it comes to wooing a girl; apparently stalking her is enough, and that’s just stupid so no, they aren’t a guide of any sort. Anyway, my point is that now people know what to say to make your heart melt from under your shirt!

Men know how to charm your pants off you with sweet, honey-dipped words. They will say the sweetest things – like how beautiful you are, open doors for you and before you know it, you’re in bed, opening all sorts of doors for them. I don’t know what happens to these guys in a relationship when they just can’t pick on cues and act oblivious to the most obvious dos and don’ts. But pre-coitus, they suddenly act like they’ve been injected with intelligence drugs and make all the right moves. Damn, these charming men. However, if you pick on their non-verbal cues post-sex, it will help you understand how they feel about you in a much better way. Maybe there are some red flags right under your wrinkled, messed up bedsheet. Decode what his post-sex behaviour says about his feelings for you.

  • Sleeps off

Like PMSing doesn’t give you the right to just lash out anyone you like, sex doesn’t mean he will just sleep off without being bothered with you. And what does sex have to do with sleep? Well, when men ejaculate they experience a hike in prolactin, which is the hormone that makes you feel sexually satisfied. But that is also the hormone that makes you sleepy. Yes, it’s understandable that he feels tired and sleepy after sex. Maybe he is too comfortable with you and feels that you won’t take offense if he does that. It will be nicer if he spends some time loving you before dozing off. It’s not like he’s a baby and if he can keep his eyes open for eight hours at work after partying all night, he can do it for a few extra minutes. Either he’s comfortable or so extremely uncomfortable with having to develop any sort of post-coital bond with you, that he prefers dozing off. Either way, doesn’t seem like he’s in love with you.

  • Canoodles you

Earlier, men who didn’t want commitment used to not stay back and cuddle because that was supposed to be a whole new milestone. Today, we’ve become more casual towards things and millennials cuddle, even when things aren’t serious. The reason is that we seek intimacy and not just sex. We know that feeling another person’s warmth against your body makes you feel more satisfied and happier. So why not? If he canoodles you post-sex, it doesn’t mean he is in love with you. But it does mean that he is an affectionate person who wants to be as close to you as possible. He finds you hot and he cares for you.

  • Spends time talking to you

This guy wants to talk to you, so you can connect on an emotional and mental level as well. He enjoys your company and feels comfortable talking to you after he has bared it all with you. You’ll laugh, share stories, and talk about so many things under the sun. There’s a chance this could develop into something but don’t go shopping for your bridal lehenga just yet.

  • Picks another activity like watching TV, playing a game, etc

Have you been with a guy who seems very distant post-sex? You know how you refuse to look at the yoga mat you bought assuming you will workout every day. That’s how you feel once the sex is over, like a yoga mat that nobody wants. He goes on to simply watch something or play a game. And that’s selfish! He likes to disconnect and his interest in you lowers post-sex. That shows that he is more about his pleasure and again, he hasn’t really made up his mind about you. Either way, it’s good that he is relaxed but if he is going to act like it was a paid service, then thank you but no, thank you.

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  • Goes for a shower alone/Leaves

Does he get done with sex and insist on taking a shower? If he suggests you do it together, it’s romantic. But if he leaves you naked and wet on the bed while he is singing Macklemore’s songs in the washroom, I’d say watch out. People who tend to shower after sex alone think of the encounter as something dirty. These are signs he has guilt about it or doesn’t want anything beyond sex. If that’s what you want, it’s great. Otherwise, you might be heading towards a heartbreak.

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