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#Relationships: 5 Zodiac Signs That Tend To Catch Feelings For Their Casual Sex Partners

July 28, 2020 | by Akanksha Narang

There are several things that feel illegal when they really aren’t and there are memes all over the web listing those. But what is that one thing that is not a sin but feels more sinful than Adam and Eve plucking that forbidden apple? Catching feelings for what was supposed to be your indulgent, casual romance. Oh boy, we know how that feels. I have had hours of conversations with my besties, all of us have experiences to share when it comes to investing emotions where we mustn’t. Has it happened to most of us or are we just a bunch of losers who don’t fit in gen Z? Well, I hope it’s the former one.

Now I think casual is great! It’s really amazing when you get your dose of orgasms, and kisses that make those butterflies in your tummy break into a ritualistic dance. At that moment, you feel loved and adored. Those kisses all over your body, those warm cuddles, and that incredible sex – what more do you need? You feel loved, and maybe you are. We can love each other as two affectionate human beings who just want to share moments and not a lifetime. So what if you’re not ready for a relationship? It doesn’t mean you deserve to be parched!

All that is awesome but the problem arises when you start getting used to those cuddles. You begin to stare deep into his eyes after every kiss and suddenly, the sex becomes secondary. For all its worth, you love spending time with him, naked and uninhibited. If you feel that’s like a pattern and you find it difficult to keep things casual, run in the opposite direction when your potential fling swings by! Or find ways you can handle it. In this age and day, we better learn to handle it, sis! Are you one of those who catch feelings for their casual romance? If you belong to one of these zodiac signs then oh yes, you pretty much are!


As much as you love sex, you aren’t the kind to go for meaningless sex. The fact that you opted to keep it casual with this cutie reveals that maybe deep down, you really do like him. And you’re hoping against hope, that it would mean something to him. You wish all those nights you spent with him, talking and hosting house parties would add up and he’ll realise that you’re the one he’s been looking for. Tread slowly, my friend. Don’t let your heart and desire to settle get in the way of keeping your vagina hydrated.


The problem is that you are incredibly sexual and affectionate. You have this big need to love and be loved, to shower kisses, and indulge in tight, tight embraces. What you really want to do is find someone you can love and with that person, you can become a total seductress. But until then, you really want to be a hoe, except that heart of yours gets in the way. Your heart is programmed to care and get attached to anyone who gives you love (read orgasms).


You are a queen that likes to be wooed and pampered. And while you enjoy the boost to your ego, you are also emotional who really appreciates a guy who is worthy of being a king. If you find someone worthy to walk alongside you and give couple goals, your mind wanders off to all the social events you’d be attending together. But hooking up with guys you don’t see as your equal doesn’t seem exciting either. That’s where things get problematic.


You boast of being a practical person and the one to always give your stupid friends the more mature advice. You love being in control – of your life, feelings, situations, people. That’s where you get your adrenaline rush from. But when it comes to love, all those days you spent texting each other, the nights you spent sleeping in his arms makes you think of it as an investment. And for you, anything you invest in should grow. And your feelings decide to keep growing until you realise you’ve fallen for what was supposed to be a casual romance!

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Dear dreamer, casual sex doesn’t mean wham bam thank you, ma’am. Two people can share an amazingly affectionate night with genuine warmth, and get back to their routine the next day without marrying each other. But you are sensitive and an experience like that replays in your head for several days. You begin to start imagining scenarios where one thing leads to another and at some point, you’re standing at the altar, saying ‘I do’ except in reality you do not.

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