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8 Ways The Modern Indian Family Is Different From The Generations Before

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The modern desi family is a phenomenon of its own. For many of us in our 20s and early 30s, our parents serve as friends as much as they do as caregivers. Yes, there are a lot of us who still can’t be candid around our folks, but the number is decreasing slowly but surely. Maybe, it’s because of the internet – our tech savvy moms and dads consume the same content as we do, and so we are all gradually coming on the same level plane. Anyway, whatever the reasons may be, here are 8 things we get to do with our parents, that they didn’t with theirs.

1. Talk about boyfriends and girlfriends, crushes and heartbreak, love and lust. Okay, maybe not lust. But, you get the drift. We are more open about our relationships with our parents than they had the option of being with theirs!

2. Share a drink. In fact, for many of us, our first drink is usually served to us by our loving parents!

3. Come home late. Back in the day, sunset was curfew!

4. Throw or attend a party, with our friends, and their friends, where everybody has a good time!

5. Talk with them about how marriage and children are not necessary, or at least, that arranged marriage is not the only way to go! (And not have them faint.)

6. Or, for that matter, how you CAN find the balance between making money and following your heart’s calling, without taking up a soul-sucking job.

7. We give each other a lot more space than the generations before us, and understand why it’s important.

8. Living together under the same roof is no longer the only way of showing your commitment, love, or respect for each other. The bond goes beyond a shared address!

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