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Pros And Cons Of Having A Boyfriend Who’s Also Your Best Friend

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Falling in love with a best friend can be genuinely one of the best things that can happen to you, and your relationship. Age old wisdom tells you that for a long-lasting relationship, you must have a solid friendship with your partner. But, this is not the only reason why having a boyfriend who is also your best friend is a wonderful thing. Here are some pros everyone needs a reminder of:


1. You don’t always have to be sexy, and put on a show around them

We are always careful around our lovers, at least in the initial stages of a relationship. But, as the love thickens, as does the friendship, you can shed all the masks and be yourself. This means you can lounge together all day in your favourite t-shirt that is a bit too frayed to pass off as a sexy outfit! Imagine that you can do that right at the beginning!

2. You can hate on people together

You don’t have to be miss goody-two-shoes around him, and pretend to be nice to everyone. In fact, chances are you hate the same people. Isn’t it a relief to have your bae in your corner?

3. They are your safe and happy place

Lovers don’t make us feel as safe as friends do, correct? Now, imagine a relationship where you don’t have to worry about anyone playing games.

4. You have each other’s back

Come what may, you’ve got them by your side. You two are a team, not jealous and competitive, out to outshine each other.

But, like they say, every rose has a thorn. It is, indeed, great to have a relationship founded on friendship, but it doesn’t come without its cons. Here are a few:

1. You know everything about each other

To be honest, this is both a pro and a con. But, let’s focus on the latter. This means, there’s no real mystery around each other, and you have to work harder to keep some distance and intrigue alive.

2. You run the risk of becoming co-dependent

When you have a lover and a friend combined in one, you don’t need anyone else all that much. But, this also means that you can very easily end up having an unhealthy co-dependence on each other.

3. You have to work extra hard to have a life of your own

This is not limited to only having people in your life other than your best-friend-boyfriend, but also keeping your interests alive. You probably want to do everything together, but it’s best to have a thing or two that’s for you alone.

4. You have to work harder to keep the passion alive

Passion fades in every relationship, but in this particular case, getting too comfortable comes with the pay-off of sex becoming less thrilling. Pro tip: Don’t stop dressing up for each other, and keep going on date nights!

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