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Priyanka Chopra Stole From Nick Jonas’ Closet. Wearing Your Man’s Clothes Is A Stress-Buster, Says Science.

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There are some things that bring incredible comfort, just by the mere mention of it. Coffee for instance. It is just so enriching for my senses; any beauty product that is made from coffee can find a place in my vanity. Just passing by a café and getting a sniff of that delicious aroma, makes my heart feel rejuvenated. Similarly, just the thought of me spending a lazy afternoon in bed in my non-existent boyfriend’s clothes sounds like it got healing properties! This is why when Priyanka Chopra shared a picture of hers in Nick Jonas’s white tracksuit, I could just tell why it deserved to be on her feed. Priyanka Chopra stealing Nick Jonas’s clothes and sharing a pic even is so cute!

Chopra shared a collage of hers and Jonas’s picture in the same outfit and captioned it, “Where it started…where it ended up. Love stealing your clothes @nickjonas.” Nick had worn the outfit in the pre-pandemic times and Priyanka obviously added the safety essentials to it.

I think it’s really comforting to wear your partner’s clothes! Last year, Anushka Sharma too revealed that she steals quite a lot from Virat Kohli’s wardrobe. “I actually borrow a lot from his wardrobe, mostly T-shirts and stuff. Sometimes I’ll just take his jackets. Sometimes I just do it because he feels very happy when I wear his clothes,” she told Vogue.

So when you sleep wearing his tee, it probably makes him feel really happy too. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just romantic…and sometimes, sexy! I have borrowed from my exes’ closets and it is just so nice. So some outfits I borrowed because oh boy, do they have the comfiest outfits in the menswear section? I dated a guy who was quite tall and well-built and I was really petite back then. I have worn his tees as nightdresses and I still wear one of those sometimes. Breakup and all is okay but that oversized tee is just too comforting to give up. Then there was this guy I dated whose jacket I used to borrow sometimes when he’d be travelling because I loved the way it smelled of his cologne. So whenever I missed him, I would wear the jacket and feel like he’s hugging me. Yes, bro, that’s cheesy AF. Before dating fuckbois, I was that person straight out of a rom-com. Except Priyanka Chopra stealing Nick Jonas’s clothes is going to last.

While we don’t really think about the science behind it, did you know research says that wearing your partner’s clothes is actually great for your mental health? The study by the University of British Columbia says when you wear your partner’s clothes which has their scent on them, it reduces the levels of cortisol in your body. “Our findings suggest that a partner’s scent alone, even without their physical presence, can be a powerful tool to help reduce stress,” says UBC Department of Psychology.

In fact, the study’s lead author Marlise Hofer believes that people subconsciously seek their partner’s scent for comfort. “Many people wear their partner’s shirt or sleep on their partner’s side of the bed when their partner is away, but may not realize why they engage in these behaviors,” said the study’s lead author, Marlise Hofer.

On the other hand, wearing another guy’s clothes will actually make you feel more stressed as the level of cortisol in your body shoots up. “From a young age, humans fear strangers, especially strange males, so it is possible that a strange male scent triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response that leads to elevated cortisol. This could happen without us being fully aware of it,” says Hofer.

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So really, even if it’s a freshly washed outfit, you still associate with the comfort you feel when your partner’s scent is on it. The next time you feel like stealing his fav tee, just go ahead and do it. Spend Sundays relaxing in his nightwear. Boyfriends ought to share their clothes! Sorry but we just love it! And going by Anushka Sharma’s reason for wearing Virat Kohli’s tees, it seems like men love it too. Priyanka Chopra stealing Nick Jonas’s clothes is probably loved by him as much as it is loved by Pee Cee. Now I just need a boyfriend whose closet I can raid.

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