Exclusive: 3 Times Prajakta Koli’s Fiancé Vrishank Khanal Was The Greenest Flag In Their Relationship

Such a gentleman!
Exclusive: 3 Times Prajakta Koli’s Fiancé Vrishank Khanal Was The Greenest Flag In Their Relationship

In a recent episode of Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist, Prajakta Koli, the popular content creator recognized as Mostly Sane and renowned for her roles in movies such as Mismatched, Jug Jugg Jeeyo, and Neeyat, opened up about her longtime beau, Vrishank Khanal. During the candid conversation, Prajakta made three intriguing revelations about Vrishank, offering a deeper glimpse into their relationship.

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1. Prajakta On Vrishank Being Patient

The first revelation touched upon Vrishank’s remarkable patience. Prajakta highlighted that being with her, given the unpredictable nature of her work, is no easy feat. She emphasized how Vrishank’s internal patience reflects in their relationship, especially considering the challenges of planning events or dinners. Prajakta acknowledged that these seemingly small aspects could become significant issues over time, but Vrishank’s unwavering patience has been a cornerstone of their enduring connection.

2. Prajakta On Vrishank Being Simple

Secondly, Prajakta lauded Vrishank’s simplicity and straightforwardness. She revealed that he is uncomplicated in his thoughts and expresses his feelings with clarity. Whether he likes or dislikes something, feels uncomfortable, or experiences joy, Vrishank conveys it succinctly, making it easier for Prajakta to understand his perspective. His ability to communicate in few words adds an element of simplicity and transparency to their relationship.

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3. Prajakta Revealed That Vrishank Cleans The Kitchen After Cooking

And finally during the conversation whe asked about cooking and gender roles and if Prajakta ever had to face such a situation with her boyfriend. She shared there has never been a time where she had to feel pressurised to cook. The both like cooking and that Vrishank is not just a great cook but also takes the initiative to clean his cooking space after creating culinary delights in the kitchen. This dual talent showcases his dedication to ensuring a wholesome and tidy cooking experience.


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Through these revelations, Prajakta Koli painted a portrait of Vrishank Khanal as not only a talented cook and patient partner but also someone who brings simplicity and clarity to their relationship, fostering a deep connection built on understanding and communication.

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