People Who Think Married Couples Living Alone Have Sex All The Time, Here’s A Reality Check!

Speaking from experience, you know!
People Who Think Married Couples Living Alone Have Sex All The Time, Here’s A Reality Check!

I had to move across states after I got married because my husband’s job demanded it. Now, before you come all armed at me saying, “You are a feminist, and you shouldn’t have done that,” let me tell you that I got to keep my job, and he works in a manufacturing plant where work from home is not really possible. So, I became a feminist and opted to support my husband’s career while also managing mine. Now that we have gotten this cleared, let’s move on. So, naturally, my husband and I live alone, which makes a lot of people who know about this arrangement look at me with a glint of mischief in their eyes. They think all my husband and I must be doing is having sex! And I hate to burst their bubble by writing that they are absolutely wrong.

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Now, before you jump to another conclusion about how boring my husband and I must be if we’re not having sex all the time, let me clarify again that this is not the case either. It is a utopian idea that stems from movies, shows and books that paint this picture of couples living alone. We do have sex, and a good amount of sex, just that we don’t fuck like bunnies every chance we get. If you think that sex keeps the spark alive in the relationship, I hate to break it to you but you must have been in some really toxic relationship to believe that.

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Married people like me who live alone have tons of other things to take care of than just having sex. Like doing the dishes, preparation for meals, keeping the house clean, going to the grocery store, working a job, doing laundry, and so much more. These things get looked after if you are living with in-laws and if not, you must have to help a little to get these chores done. They are not tasks that need separate time and attention to be done.

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Not to forget that these chores are exhausting. If you end up leaving house cleaning and laundry to be done on the same day, you will be too tired to do anything with your partner. I have experienced this, so trust me when I advise you to divide your chores over various days, and not pile them up.

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Yes, the privacy bit is very true that married peeps living alone do not have to worry about being too loud while having sex or worrying about covering up hickeys if we end up running into a family member in the hallway. We can have sex any time of the day, and in any room of the house we please without worrying about who will see us.

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But it does not happen like it is shown in movies where the guy or the girl comes home after a long day at work, and they immediately get to having sex. That’s just too unrealistic, and not to be believed. There are times when we both just want to sit in each other’s company and watch a movie or we’re engrossed in our hobbies doing what we like without disturbing the other.

If you are someone who thinks couples should have sex to maintain intimacy and spark in their relationship, that’s a very twisted way of thinking. Like you have nothing else to offer in that relationship except sex. There is absolutely no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed when your friends tell you they have so much with their husbands but you, on the other hand, don’t. It is important to be healthy and happy in the relationship and the terms and conditions of the same are decided by you and no one else. The amount of sex you have does not determine how good your marriage is going.

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