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Try These 10 Ways To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life This Year!

January 20, 2023 | by Mehak Walia

Are you also one of those people who spent the last year wondering if there was more to sex? The answer that you’re looking for is direct and simple. Sex can be whatever you want it to be. It can be exciting, hot, steamy, slow, fun, rough, and even special. But it can also get monotonous, boring and just stale after a point if you don’t keep updating your routines. Therefore, it is very essential to keep exploring and experimenting with different kinks, positions and fetishes to keep things hot and fresh. This can be done in a lot of ways.

best sex

Are you wondering how to bring the steamy fun back to sex? Well, here are the ways to make sure that have the best sex of your life in 2023.

best sex

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10 Ways To Have The Best Sex In 2023

1. Sexploration is extremely essential. Don’t limit yourself. Research kinks and fetishes, and see if you like any of them. Try some light bondage and don’t be afraid to get kinky!

best sex

2. People tend to keep away from sex toys because they feel like they might ruin the experience. But that’s totally a lie. Sex toys can open you up to new sources of pleasure. Get some toys, right away.

3. If you don’t believe in hookups and want to upgrade the sex in your relationship, it’s time to add a dash of mood. Setting the mood with candles, chocolates, romance and porn can add that bit of extra encouragement.

4. If you want to upgrade and update your sex life, it’s essential to explore your own body. Don’t be scared to play some music, read some erotica, add in some masturbation and explore your pleasure zone. Find out your limits and get the ball rolling.

5. Foreplay is a very essential part of sex. It’s very common for people to skip through this part but it’s time to bring back the hotness. Incorporate various types of foreplays with touch, aphrodisiac food, whipped cream, chocolates and various other fun additions to the bedroom. This can turn the heat up.

6. Incorporating some massage into your sexual routine is a huge yes. Spend some time giving each other light and sensual massages before and after the sex. This can calm you down, bring you closer and make the sex all the more intimate.

7. Are you wondering if you can use digital space to upgrade your sex life? The answer is a total yes! Sexting, phone sex and video sex are very essential parts of building sexual intimacy. Get frisky with your partner even when you’re not actually around them. Surprise them with NSFW pictures when they least expect them. Online/E-sex get the connection renewed in the best way possible!

8. It isn’t just essential to heat things before and during sex, you need to make sure you close off well too. Aftercare is a very essential part of sex. Build a nice routine full of care, food, communication, first aid, television and anything that you and your partner might need. This can take intimacy to an entirely new level.

9. Have you been shying away from period sex because of the mess and social stigma attached to it? It’s time to bid the shyness adieu and give it a try. Period sex can be very intimate, hot, and steamy. It can also help diminish cramps and period pain along with introducing you to one of the best orgasms of your life.

10. Educate yourself because a huge part of the sex is being well-aware and educated. Read some books to learn more about your own body, reproductive system, sex and your sexual health. Your sexual health is very essential, get regular STD tests, and pap smears, and visit the doctor to boost your libido and drive!

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So, it’s time to upgrade your sex life and have the best sex of your life this year. Are you ready to prioritize pleasure and have the best, loudest, and most exciting orgasms ever? You can do this!

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