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‘Have Sex But Don’t Kiss,’ Says Canadian Doctor. This Pandemic Is Making Even Sex Less Fun

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If I knew the past few months would make my sex life an arid region and bring a draught to my hornies, I would have made passionate love before pandemic happened. This pandemic is such that whether you get infected or not, you will suffer from loneliness and skin hunger nonetheless. When the most important precautionary measure is isolating yourself physically, how do we expect it to affect us?

Children in the house so used to receiving kisses from their grandparents are baffled with the sudden snatching away of affection. Couples have found their sex lives become unpredictable in nature. If both or one of them have been going out of home for work, there is this constant fear of intimacy. What if they catch the virus and pass it on to their spouse? Each time they even think of locking lips, such thoughts begin to possibly attack their libido and rightly so.

We want love but we do not want COVID.  So what do you do when orgasms can actually boost your immunity and make you feel saner? How do you give up on it and embark on a journey of temporary abstinence? Well, Canada’s chief medical officer says you can sex it up but without playing tongue tennis. “Like other activities during COVID-19 that involve physical closeness, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of getting infected and spreading the virus,” Dr Theresa Tam said.

She advised to not kiss and avoid face-to-face closeness. Tam said it’s important to wear a mask while at it. She also said individuals must monitor themselves and their partners to check for symptoms before indulging in intimacy.

While she says the chances of catching COVID-19 from intercourse is little, sex with new and multiple partners can be risky considering we don’t know where, what and possibly who they’ve been doing.

However, Tam says the safest way to orgasm is still the DIY kind. “The lowest risk sexual activity during COVID-19 involves yourself alone,” she said. Well, most Indian youngsters do have this option mainly. Because several of us live with our parents and even those that didn’t, have gone back home for the rest of this pandemic to save money and feel less lonely. So the chances of us having multiple partners are so minimal that even in my dream, I will know it is just a dream. Having said that, exclusive couples too need to be careful especially now that the things have opened again and people are out and about.

What I really appreciate about this pandemic though is that sexual desires and health have come to the forefront as health officials are finally talking about it openly. It is being acknowledged that we are sexual beings and to whomsoever it may concern, sex tips are being given out. Yes, we are still not going to go tell our parents ‘hey, I am sexting my boyfriend, stop distracting me with covid updates.’ But as long as these tips are reaching the peeps, it’s done well.

Meanwhile, New York health officials suggest tips on making love a bit more creative. “Make it a little kinky. Be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact,” they said.

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) gave out some sex tips too for surviving this pandemic, as reported by The Guardian. “Sex with your regular partner is possible if you want both. After all, you are already very close and it is practically impossible to avoid each other physically. Don’t have sex with your partner if they have been isolated because of (suspected) coronavirus infection. Sex with yourself or with others at a distance is possible (think of telling erotic stories, masturbating together),” said the advisory.

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Sex toy sales meanwhile in India rocketed 65% during the pandemic. Clearly, we are using all the time we are spending at home to get more creative. Good sex can de-stress you and I guess maybe we can all make it more exciting with sex toys. I mean, kissing has already been snatched away from us. And there are so many restrictions so we got to make up for it elsewhere. You gain some, you lose some. No, use sex toys, have great sex, give yourself mindblowing orgasms, even after this is over.

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