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Feminist Men Focus On Their Partner’s Sexual Pleasure, Says Study

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There are several men who ridicule people who call themselves feminists or talk about equality. Have you been called “Kangana type” by men when you’ve only been standing for what’s right? I believe my dating pool becomes even smaller because I can’t be with someone who has intolerance for equality. Feminism isn’t a cuss word. And now, despite us fighting to get our voices heard, men are using their clout to drown the word out, like it threatens their masculinity. It’s not about being unfair to men but about equality and if someone is too comfortable to give two hoots about that, I ain’t getting boned by them. Not happening.

I don’t want to marry a guy who indulges in casual sexism and of that makes me picky , so be it. If  he can’t share supposedly hilarious jokes with me on my whatsapp because I deem them unfunny, the he needs a new partner. My parents didn’t raise me with so much love and offer me a world opportunities so I could volunteer to be a second grade human in someone’s house. I don’t want that kind of treatment and of course, this means some of my friends may think I am too picky or uncompromising but do I care? Sometimes, but usually I don’t.

And if research is to be believed, feminist men are charming the pants off of many! Of course, there is a strong argument that men can’t be feminists given that they don’t have the lived experience of women but they can be allies. But for the sake of this article, let’s call men who believe in equality, feminists. A recent study delved into the sexual behaviour of feminist men in heteronormative coitus. Did believing in equality affect their performance in bed? Did it make them more focused on their partner’s pleasure? I would vouch for these men to be the kind who takes time to please their lady in bed, caressing her to her contentment and making her come like never before.

“We find that self-identifying feminist men report having sex more recently and are more likely to report engaging in breast stimulation and performing oral sex on their partners than non-feminists. We discuss the implications of these findings on the sociological literature on gender and sexuality,” the study reported. Oh well, so you can say they are very good in bed!

The data revealed that feminist men had more sex and also indulged in certain sexual behaviour more than their non-feminist counterparts. Feminist men had more intercourse, and performed more oral sex on their partners. In fact, research also found that these men also received oral stimulation more often than guys who turn a blind eye to equality.

What sucks though is that only 22 % of men actually identified as feminists. Around 60 % said they weren’t feminist and 18 % of men were not sure.

Chicago psychotherapist Sue Scheffler told Chicago Tribune, “What’s important is mutual respect,” said Scheffler. “If you’re married to someone with feminist values–someone with a sense that men and women have the same worth–that would be a key factor in terms of your health and satisfaction in the marriage, whether or not you call yourself a feminist.” She added: “No woman wants to be a slave, and I don’t think even a somewhat enlightened guy would want to be a meal ticket. There has to be some role satisfaction, whatever you’ve elected to do, and you have to feel like your partner respects your choice.”

The study has done a wonderful job at finding out just how amazing feminist men can be in bed and I am so glad. These men are not just relationship material but they will also rock your world in bed. Honestly, I think the reason women are giving them more pleasure is because there’s little resentment and more comfort. Like if a man doesn’t give two hoots about your orgasms, will you bother about his? If he doesn’t touch you like you like it will you do it for him? In fact, even otherwise, if my husband acts like an ass during the day treating me like I am inferior to him, will I be hot for him in bed? No!

And turns out, feminist men are more concerned about their partner’s orgasms than non-feminist men are. “Many men claiming a feminist identity also declare support for gender equality. Our results indicate this purported support coincides with a commitment to gender equality in sexual interaction. Feminist men help transcend sexual (interaction) inequality by bridging the gender gap in orgasms,” reported. “In private sexual encounters, feminist men and those ambivalent toward feminism, perform sexual behaviours targeting women’s pleasure at a higher rate than those disavowing feminism, suggesting these men may care about their partners as expressed through the performance of equality in sexual pleasure,” it added.

This is probably why not getting enough pleasure in bed is such a common problem for women. We are expected to see sex as a pleasure activity for men, or at least meant to serve men. It’s usually when the man is aroused and lasts for usually as long as the guy takes to come. It’s not right but it’s common; several women don’t orgasm because their partner gets done before they do and then don’t bother to stimulate her. In fact, many men have never taken the initiative to Google pleasure techniques for women. Many of them don’t even know many women can’t orgasm without some clit fun. How do you expect these men who see sex selfishly to be good in bed?

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What sucks is that only 22 % of men are claiming to be feminist. And we don’t even know how many of those are actually what they claim. So we do have a very small assortment of men who are feminist and good in bed, in the sense they care about their partner’s pleasure. This is why, ladies, self-reliance is so importance when it comes to orgasms!

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