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Deepika And Ranbir Are Proof That You Can Be Friends With Your Ex

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Breakups can be tough. Tough is probably an understatement to describe the pain and loneliness that follows after you’ve split from someone you once loved dearly. And chances are you want to let go of the love but still retain the friendship, especially if you were friends before the love took over.

Just today, pictures of Ranbir and Deepika being cordial on the sets of a shoot have emerged and they are proof that heartbreak, no matter how painful, doesn’t have to be the overriding feeling to any relationship. Yes they had their rough and bitter patch, with the entire tattoo fiasco and rumours of him cheating, but all is well that ends well. They have not just reconciled their differences to be cordial professionally, considering they’ve done two fantastic movies together after their split, but have come to a point of being happy for each other and maintaining that friendship.

Of course it isn’t easy and you can’t be all that emotionally comfortable with the changed equation, but these tips might just help you to find a cordial middle-ground. And if Ranbir and Deepika can do it, then so can we!

  1. Work towards that closure

    The worst kinds of break-ups are the ones that have you feeling that there still are some strings attached. And while it may not always be in your hands to get that closure, you can always try and talk about what happened, to be at peace knowing what happened and why it happened.

  2. Take some time apart

    You can’t expect to be all buddy-buddy with your friends the very next day of the break-up, or even weeks after it has happened. It is best to spend some time apart, lose contact for a while and then consider coming back only when you think you’re ready. Because being in close proximity after you’ve split will only confuse you and your feelings towards the ex.

  3. Have an honest and open conversation

    Once you think you’ve spend enough time apart and have gotten over the feeling of getting back together, try having an honest conversation about the idea of being friends. It is extremely important for you two to be on the same page, you don’t want the expectations to get the best of you.

  4. Try hanging out in a group first

    The lines, long after a breakup , are still blurry and just so you don’t slip to the other side, hanging out in a group initially could be a good idea. It doesn’t just kill the awkwardness but helps you both find your new normal.

  5. Be happy for each other

    This one takes time, because let’s be honest, all we want for our ex after a break up is for them to end up with, ideally no one, or if they absolutely have to, then with someone not half as good as you were. But, if you really want to salvage the friendship, then with time, learn to be happy for them and about whatever that makes them happy.


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