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Choreplay Is A Term For Women Bribing Men With Sex To Do Chores That They Should Be Doing Anyway

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The power imbalance in relationships is often quite evident as men benefit more from partnerships than women. For instance, what do people say for stay-at-home wives? They say their husbands are “supporting” them while the women provide free home care and childcare. In fact, do our mothers really spend the money on themselves? All my mom spends on is the house. She barely does anything for herself so it’s us always reminding her and spoiling her because she wouldn’t do that. One of the weirdest things to happen to relationships and sex is the concept of ‘choreplay’.

What is choreplay? It is a shitty concept that says women get aroused by men just because they did household chores that they should have been doing like a decent human being anyway. So men need no game to get you in the mood. All they have to do is wash the dishes and mind you, not even naked. Unless you’re getting all soapy and foaming me up sensually while at it, I ain’t getting turned up by a man doing the dishes. On second thoughts, I don’t want that dishwashing soap touching my body.

Amanda Marcotte, a blogger and mom is in favour of choreplay. She told NY Post, “As a working mom, the last thing I want to do when I get home from work, is to do more work, like laundry and dishes. If my husband wants a no-questions-asked free pass for sex, he will get it if he checks off those boxes, especially if he does so before he’s asked.”


“I kept asking [him] to do it. He kept putting it off, and I was getting more and more annoyed. Finally, I told him that I would make it worth his while,” Alison Hill, a 48-year-old writer in Simpsonville, SC told NY Post.  “He was motivated, and the whole scenario spiced up the weekend for both of us,” Hill added. She also said that she sometimes gives him the to-do list dressed in a skimpy outfit with her cleavage on display. “It’s so much better than nagging, and puts us both in a good place,” Hill said.

“Romance, looks, affection, foreplay that’s what gets women wet. Not men doing what they should always be doing as a goddamn adult,” a user wrote on Reddit. “And therefore you’re supposed to accept mediocre (at best) sex because you already had your gift – him doing housework like a normal, capable human! How could you need actual foreplay on top of that?” another woman added.

Really, choreplay is the most hideous concept I have heard of. All these women who are just happy they are getting their men to do chores at home, what are you happy about? Living with a manchild? Is he a monkey in one of the science labs? Why are you dangling sex like a treat so he can do what he is supposed to do? Honestly, isn’t not burdening your partner with all household responsibilities motivation enough for these men to be adults?

I don’t want a man who gets anything done only with sex as bait. That would turn me off even more. There has been a study that says men who do more household work has a better sex life. But it has nothing to with “choreplay”. The reason they are having better sex is that their wives/partners don’t resent them for just sitting around the house doing nothing. Their wives aren’t tired of carrying domestic duties on their shoulders so they have time and energy for something fun between the sheets. This is so not because men doing chores is a turn on. No, it is not sexual.

It only makes these men feel even more entitled. Several men already give such standard foreplay, with this they feel they have done their bit by folding laundry. Thus, you are left to focus on their pleasure instead. Because somehow, cleaning was for your pleasure. Aren’t women at loss here?

“Being with someone who needs to be bribed with sex to do any chores in the home he too lives in sounds very exhausting,” a Reddit user wrote. “”helping” with chores because it’s only the other person’s responsibility,” another user pointed out.


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The gross idea of “#choreplay” has recently reared its ugly head again (see @natyourpresident on twitter). This is the idea that men should do chores because their wives will find it sexy and will reward their efforts with sex 🤢. Can we stop expecting men to be rewarded for doing the bare minimum? Can we stop treating sex within heterosexual relationships as transactional and a “reward” for men? Can we stop treating housework as a woman’s job? Can we stopped piling unpaid labour on to women’s shoulders? Straight women, you deserve better. Equality begins at home .- – – – #feminist #intersectionalfeminism #feminism #loveyourself #selflove #womensupportingwomen #girlpower #dating #relationships #relationshipgoals #intersectionalfeminism #redflags #datingadvice #dating101 #selfesteem #healthyrelationships #consent #relationshipquotes #relationships #relationshipeducation #couplegoals #couplelove #instacouple #genderequality #gender #genderroles #genderstereotypes #intersectionalfeminist #girlpowerlicious #smashthepatriarchy

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What are these gender stereotypes? And this choreplay thing is not something to be proud of because you’re just being in denial that you’re doing something about it. In reality, you are reinforcing the very gender stereotype that should have been shattered ages ago. A man isn’t “helping” the woman and him doing his share is not “sexual”. It doesn’t make him king of the world and it surely doesn’t mean he need not do foreplay in bed.

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“We both do all the chores interchangeably because???? Why not????? And we help each other out whenever we can. It’s almost like limiting oneself to stilted gender gender roles is not only ridiculous but toxic as hell,” a user wrote on Reddit.

Choreplay is a toxic sexual term that needs to just die down. Dear men, please grow up. Doing things just to get laid is such a puberty thing!

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