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5 Things Men Find Super Sexy And We Don’t Know Why

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The thing is, men and women are widely different. We sometimes, fail to understand how the other thinks and why. But it’s just how it. Why do they like boobs? What makes them want to tuck your hair behind your ear? Sure, the hair strand is on your face is one reason. But hey, let’s not try to get too practical here. There are several things about women, that men find incredibly sexy. And most of the times we are not even aware! You could be doing something nonchalantly, and there he is, looking at you with a smoldering gaze. Here are 5 things men find super hot!

1) Just out-of-bed look

If you have ever stayed over at your date’s place (it will be hard to believe if you say no), you will relate to this. We wake up and know that our kajal – even though it promised to stay on for 16 hrs – has smudged. Our hair look nothing like the ‘woke up like this’ Instagram posts. But guess what, he finds this raw and messy look sexy. Embrace the look that says you had a great night!

2) Your sleepy voice on call

Now I don’t know why, but men really like the way you sound when you’re tired and sleepy. It’s possible that’s because your voice gets a little deep and you begin talking slow. You can talk about paint drying in your sleepy voice and he will find it quite attractive.

3) Tickling you

You know when he decides to tickle you and you are laughing uncontrollably because your bones are sensitive like that. The last time we did that to our friends was probably when we were 15. But he loves the way he can make you break into laughter!

4) When you’re ready to take on the world

A lot of girls try to eat less when they are on dates. They will order a salad and try to look satisfied with that. But you know what’s really attractive (ask any guy)? A woman who can devour a wholesome meal without worrying about a thing in the world! Men love it when a woman prefers functional over superficial – sneakers, a messy bun and rolled up sleeves!

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5) Imperfections

It’s these little imperfections that make you, you! Your nose may not be your best feature, but he finds it attractive. That little scar you’ve had since childhood, the sound you make when you laugh too hard, or your inability to function without Google Maps – he finds all of these things hot. Seriously, thigh gaps are overrated and guys don’t care!

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