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5 Reasons Sex Feels So Intense After A Fight And If You Haven’t Tried It, You’re Missing Out.

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I have never been in a relationship devoid of any fights whatsoever. That’s just not possible unless you’re hiding behind a façade at all times. Is it even possible to do? And should you even do that? Nope and nope. We fight, we argue – sometimes it’s a calm discussion and sometimes, it feels like a storm. We do it even though we can collectively agree that we don’t really enjoy fighting.

But fights aren’t all that bad. In fact, the best part comes after you’ve cleared the air and made up. Have you ever had sex or just made out after a fight? Hasn’t it felt more intense, like your entire body is shivering with arousal and pleasure? If you haven’t then you must because it’s a thing! Here are some totally legit reasons why sex feels so intense after a fight.

1) You’re full of intense energy

When you’re fighting, you’re full of intense energy which then translates to horniness after making up. Your body is flooded with endorphins and in that state, you’re feeling passionate and hyper. And that makes for some really good sex! Expect love bites, wild kissing and a lot of hyperventilation!

2) The fear of losing them makes it even hotter

The argument feels like a threat to your relationship when you’re in the middle of it. And that evokes a ‘flight or fight’ response in us. Some couples become distant after a fight while some seek even more intimacy. Why? Because at that moment, they felt the fear of losing their relationship and you know what we do when that happens? We hold on tighter and harder. And harder, is always good when it comes to sex.

3) But in the end, it tells you that all is well

Healthy couples don’t quarrel to pull each other down but to sort things out. Once the air has been cleared, having sex after that almost feels like your relationship has received a big boost of energy. All that intense drama you went through seems like settling down and you feel that your love is strong enough to withstand all that. So nibble away!

4) You feel closer after making up

One of the reasons why makeup sex feels so intense is that we are already in that state of mind. Our emotions are rushing like a bullet train and we are unable to contain it all in. So all of that arousal when spills on to sex lead to feelings of great urgency. “We’re not in our baseline-calm state, we’re agitated or stressed. Make-up sex can feel more intense because we’re already in that heightened state,” Elise Schuster, a sexuality educator and founder of the ‘Okay So’ app, told Elite Daily.

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5) It relieves stress

Author of the blog, ‘Sex and Psychology,’ Dr. Justin Lehmiller told Punch newspaper, “Makeup sex relieves stress, so it stands to reason that it could help couples move on faster.” Sure, you can sulk after a fight…or you can choose to have mad sex and explosive orgasms. Logically speaking, the latter seems like a much better choice.

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