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5 Reasons Casual Sex Is Just Empty Calories

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There’s just something about junk food that makes it so damn delicious. When I am PMSing, my heart reaches out to burgers. Whenever there is just an excuse to celebrate, pizza makes it even better. I enjoy it one or two days but when I have been having a lot of nutrition-deprived food, I make an intervention. Casual sex is like junk food—it feels so delicious but doesn’t truly nourish you. All you get from it is empty calories. You get addicted to the feel-good feature of it and the instant gratification casual sex provides. But has it ever done anyone any good? Not over a longer period.

I am not against casual sex but I feel that over a period of time, it gets stale and meaningless. Men who are able to adapt to this lifestyle believe they are getting stronger. They are not. You don’t get stronger by blocking your ability to feel or by not seeing women as real connections. You get stronger by not being afraid to invest your feelings even if it comes with the risk to hurt. I am not saying you sign up for an emotional purgatory but know that you can recover from heartbreaks. And giving up relationships for meaningless sex for a longer period can make you hollow from inside. That, my friend, is hard to recover from.

Casual sex is tempting but it cannot be a staple diet

Having a phase of casual sex is okay, like other indulgences. But when you make a staple diet of it, going from one hookup to another, over an extended period it can really affect your mental health. Living on burgers sounds exciting but you gotta eat your protein.

Casual sex can leave you emotionally malnourished

It can give you orgasms but can it give you true intimacy? That’s the real nutrition we expect from sex. Without intimacy, it can only satiate your skin hunger and leave your feelings unsatisfied. Each time you have sex, your brain expects intimacy but there you are, walking away without cuddling and acting like that human was just a dildo.

Casual sex makes you lower your bar

You get used to being okay with no expectations. Your heart wants to not get offended if he didn’t cuddle, if he doesn’t bother to call except when he needs booty, and treating you like you mean nothing. Well, because you do mean nothing to each other. But you get so used to such behaviour that your standards are naturally lowered terribly over a period. You begin to become oblivious to your real worth and that can make you stay in relationships with men who don’t deserve you.

Casual sex makes you feel empty afterward

After that boost of confidence and pleasure, you go home, take a shower and there you are, without affection again. How does it feel when an hour ago someone was making love to you and then just like a switch, they’ve flipped? There’s no more affection until the next time you’re having sex. That reminds you that you were just a body to them, as much as they were to you. And that kinda hurts, even though we fail to admit it. We want something more, but where is it?

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Casual sex can get monotonous too

There are no layers, no levels. You flirt with someone, go on a date and talk all the time until he finally RSVPs to get into your pants. Then, he begins to cut the conversations a little, except when it’s time to sex it up again. You do the same thing over and over again, standing on a vertical line graph that has no curves and is rather undefined. You get out of one casual sex arrangement, get into another, and it has exactly the same overall story. This gets monotonous. I know, even relationships get monotonous, but it has some benefits at least. What benefit are you getting from sex that’s casual and boring? Casual sex is not for the weak hearted, you got to have a high metabolism!

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