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10 Signs You Are Falling In Love Again And This Time With The Right Guy

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I have never been the kind of person to say things like, “Hum ek baar jeete hain, ek baar marte hain, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai, aur pyaar bhi ek baar hota hai.” No, Rahul. That is bullshit. To think of it, Rahul was the first of them all—these boys crying over their breakups that happened some light years ago. However, Rahul didn’t go around looking for casual relationships on Tinder. Those who don’t know the Rahul I am referring to, please leave now. Anyhoo, after my first breakup and second boyfriend, I figured that boss, love happens again and again. Let’s not hold on to a Devdas mentality. Our hearts are designed to heal and we must not stand in the way, must we?

Fuck that guy who wasn’t that into you. Not literally. Never mind the ex who broke your heart and forget the ex who crushed your confidence. You glow girl, and you know it, don’t you? Love seems to be in the air and all you wanna do is watch rom coms again. Your heart is healing, and it’s time to rejoice!

Bravo for letting love back in your life. Wait, you aren’t sure? The fact that you clicked on this shows you may just be ready for falling in love again. Here are some signs that will convince you that your heart’s in the right place now.


  • You misplaced your emotional baggage and you don’t care

Yes, you were hurt. You thought you wouldn’t be able to trust another person again. You had become emotionally unavailable much like the guys you dated. But you lost all that emotional baggage and you’re in no mood to go looking for it!

  • You don’t feel like screaming ‘Love sucks’ from rooftops anymore

You were in such a mood to hate love but then you stumbled upon it again and realised that it isn’t so bad after all. Not if the person you’re loving is right for you.

  • Your ex doesn’t feel like the one that got away

At this point, you feel a little embarrassed of how you placed your ex on a pedestal and cried over losing him. You almost thought he was “the one”. Oops! But they say when you meet the one, you realise why it never worked out with anyone else. And you’re just glad it didn’t! Seems like someone’s fallin’ in love again!

  • You find yourself smiling at random

You thought this daydreaming business was shut several breakups ago when you were all naïve. But here you are, healed after so long and in love. Smiling randomly while thinking of him toh banta hai!

  • Sometimes, you swear you can hear a love song playing in your head

Preity Zinta is such a mood while grooving to Kuch Toh Hua Hai in Kal Ho Na Ho. If you have a song playing in your head, a spring in your step, you have a case of loveria, lady!

  • Talking to him > sleeping

You’re shocked! How can you let go of sleep? Sleep? That one thing you always held close? You cancelled Saturday night plans to be tucked in and now you happily sacrifice hours of slumber for this human. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

  • Date nights with him feel just right

When you meet him, you’re thrilled. But you’re also at peace and you had no idea you could feel both with the same person. You can be yourself with him and you realise with that kind of security, you’re even more charming. Why haven’t you been dating him all along? Well, things happen when they happen. And right now, it’s love happening for you.

  • You know it’s not just sex for him

How many guys have you met and wondered, “Does he want just sex?” With him, you didn’t have to think that way because you know it’s more. You are sure of it because he is falling for you too and he wants you to know that.

  • You wanna take it slow

You cherish what you have so you don’t want to rush things. You want to enjoy every phase of this connection. In fact, you’re happy where you are so why would you want to rush? Love doesn’t rush things; it’s patient and perennial.

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  • But you can’t wait to see what happens next

This is exciting for you and you can’t wait to know what happens next, how things unfold. You know, like watching your favourite series or reading your favourite book. You don’t want to skip the good parts but you also really want time to fly!

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