But What Is Rape? Ft. Tara Kaushal

But what is rape? If you are in a relationship and you refuse to have sex with them at a point in time or simply state that you just are not in the mood. If they don’t take that too well and go ahead anyway, is that rape? YES. From consent to violence, we cover everything.

On this episode of Tit Bits, we speak to the author of Why Men Rape, Tara Kaushal as she tells us about her investigation on the various brutal cases from all across the country, the various factors critical to the reasons behind rape.

Read more about her book here.  You can also listen to the Tit-Bits Podcast Ep. 14 Women’s Safety During Lockdown.

Scripted and produced by: Priyanka Ganwani and Aishwarya Kumar

Edited by: Dhiresh Thakur

Visual Graphics: Rashmi Shetty

Creative Head: Siddharth Aalambayan