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You Won’t Believe How This Minister Got Fat-Shamed In Parliament

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The good thing about a big workplace is that you will always find your tribe. Someone as weird or as cool as you are. Exchanging stories, gossip and banter is always fun. But when your workplace is the Parliament, perhaps you should be a little sensitive? Also, rather unbecoming when you comment on a colleagues weight, na?

But why bother with such basic courtesies when you can make fun of a somebody’s size? Dispose off all manners like Mr. Venkaiah Naidu did. When Renuka Chowdhury, a fellow parliamentarian was making her farewell speech, she said, ‘He (Naidu) knows me from many kilos before. Sir, many people worry about my weight, but in this job, you need to throw your weight around.’

Mr. Naidu, who has no filter, and an obvious disdain for overweight people, remarked, ‘My simple suggestion is, reduce your weight and make efforts to increase the weight of the party’.

*Slow clap*

We get it. Political ribbing is a real thing. In fact, we think it’s hilarious. But commenting about someone’s weight? Rather distasteful, we think.

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