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Woman From Surat Found Out She Is The 6th Wife Of Her Husband, Refuses To Consummate The Marriage

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Up until now, I had a certain kind of an image built in my head for the kind of people con artists are. Hungry for money, cruel opportunists, pathological liars and super clever. Thanks to the numerous TV shows I had been watching, I was pretty informed about their type, but little did I know, a few of them would turn out to be 63 year old men, deceiving women into marrying them for a few months until they get bored and leave them for good. As we have recently found, after a woman made it to the news for refusing to have sex with her husband, on finding out she was his 6th wife.

In an piece of news that’s as weird as clever, a woman hailing from Surat, Gujarat refused to have sexual intercourse with her husband after she found out rather disturbing truths about the guy. A 63-year-old man named  Ayyub Degiya, he had been married 5 times before and conned this woman from Surat into marrying him as his 6th wife, hiding this information from her.

A farmer from Kalpetha, he got the woman to marry him under the pretext of wanting to take care of her, since she was a widow and was promised 2 lakh rupees along with a house. Of course, none of the promises made to her, including the wedding vows were ever delivered on.

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She shared how she lied in front of Ayyub to have an infection in order to avoid having to consummate the marriage, because of which the couple ultimately separated. She also shared, “I was told by some villagers that he keeps relations for a few months with women and later abandons them.” She was his 6th wife.

Meanwhile, the serial groom here didn’t waste any time and started to look for a 7th wife soon after, and even  started living with another woman. The woman shared how he would say things like, “I have heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. I need a wife who can keep a relationship with me,” to convince women to marry him.

As the woman approached the Mahila police station and shared her plight, the man has now been booked under Section 498-A (cruelty to married woman) and we hope, strict action would be taken against the man, who thought it was okay to change wives as though he was changing clothes. It’s time people recognise that women are not objects to play with until you get bored, and that no one is above the law.

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