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In A Viral Video, Man Seen Spitting On Dough To Make Rotis At Meerut Wedding. This Is Extremely Disgusting!

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It’s no secret that the one thing people love to do at Indian weddings is eat. A few people, like me, mostly attend weddings for their extensive buffets. It’s is the highlight of any wedding. Apart from the bride and groom, of course. Screwing up with a wedding buffet is something that isn’t illegal but should be. Not to mention, you will have a hoard of crabby relatives on your hands. That being said, there is a video that has been floating around on social media lately that has made me swear never to eat at a wedding again. It shows a man spitting in the rotis he is cooking. After watching the disgusting video, I could almost feel all the wedding food I’ve eaten over the years clawing its way back up.

We’ve all heard horror stories of waiters and chefs spitting in the food of the diners that irk them. And while that may be a fact, actually seeing someone spit in the roti dough at a wedding was, to put it mildly, absolutely gross. What makes it worse is that we are in the midst of a pandemic or have people forgotten about a little something called the coronavirus? The now-viral video first hit Twitter on February 19 and has since garnered some horrendous reactions from creeped-out netizens. According to the OG tweet, the wedding at which these spit-tainted rotis were served took place at the Aroma Hotel in Meerut, UP.

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After the video started floating around social media, the Meerut police took cognizance of the matter. In a tweet, they said that they would launch a probe into the matter. It read, “The station in-charge of Partapur has been conveyed to launch necessary action or investigation in connection with the case.” However, after several netizens demanded action be taken against the man seen spitting in the rotis, he has been arrested. This man has been identified as Naushad alias Sohail. And while we still don’t know why he did such an utterly disgusting thing, we do feel better knowing he won’t be coming near anyone’s food anytime soon.

It’s undeniably gross AF.

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