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Twitter Thread Advising Doctors On How To Approach Sexual Assault Survivors For Examination Is So Relevant

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We live in a country where the number of sexual assault cases against women is always on a rise. We also live in a country that doesn’t exactly support women to come out and speak up about their traumas. Instead, it asks them to be ‘hush-hush’ about the entire incident. What makes this entire situation even worse is when sexual assault or rape survivors have to go through medical examinations that are conducted, more often than not, in a very un-empathetic manner. The way doctors or medical professionals might approach the patient that has undergone trauma can sometimes be rude, insensitive, and undignified. But one Twitter user has tweeted a thread that talks about how both doctors and patients (including sexual assault survivors) can approach pelvic exams and pap smear type examinations, with full sensitivity and empathy.

Recently, a Twitter user, @roocheetah, wrote a thread of tweets that highlighted how medical professionals can sometimes have questionable bedside manners when examining sexual assault survivors. What’s more, the general aversion to talking about things like sex and relevant procedures like pap smears or pelvic exams that are also required to detect cervical cancer in women means that women aren’t often comfortable during these appointments. This thread then does a very crucial job of not only suggesting ways for doctors to be mindful and empathetic, but also providing a sort of explainer for patients who might be going in for their first ever pap smear or cervical examination

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Having read the Twitter thread, one thing is clear that taking a bit of effort to make a safe space for the patients can make things easier for them as well as the medical professionals. Being empathetic, caring, and sensitive towards them will make them comfortable enough to open up, particularly if they are sexual assault survivors who might already be rattled. We need our medical professionals to consider the patient’s psychological and physiological condition as well during the examinations.

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