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Twitter Is Calling Out Social Media Post That Shares Health Benefits Of Applying Sindoor. Chalo Phir, Let Men Put It Also?

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The practice of putting sindoor in the hair partition is a post-marriage ritual all Hindu women are expected to follow. This indicates that the woman is married and surprisingly, there is no ritual or practice that a man has to follow to indicate that he is married. But this is not a mandatory practice and it is a woman’s choice whether she wants to put the vermillion (sindoor) in her hair parting or not. Well, so far there have not even been any scientifically-proven benefits of applying sindoor but a Twitter user has shared a tweet wherein the health benefits of applying sindoor have been explained and people are losing their minds over it!

Twitter Trolls Post Citing Health Benefits Of Sindoor

The Twitter user has shared a tweet which is a screengrab of a reel wherein a woman has mentioned the benefits of wearing the sindoor. It says that sindoor has mercury and it helps in cooling down the body. The second effect mentioned was how applying sindoor has a relaxing effect. Lastly, but never the least, it ‘triggers’ the sex drive of the women.

The original post did not attribute any solid source where they got this information so the Twitter user who shared it by mentioning the source – ‘trust me, bro’. Twitterati has shared some really hilarious comments on the tweet. One of them has commented, “this is the chutki sindoor ki keemat Shanti was talking about’, while another went on to write sarcastically, “Mercury does cool down our body. Once you’re dead body turns cold. Once you’re dead, body relaxes no? And yes, triggers sexual drive for necrophiles.” My personal favourite comment of them all is, “Only true heavy metal fans wear sindoor.” While one user went on to comment that if these are the health benefits of applying sindoor, men should apply it, too!

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It is really surprising how people put out information like this without factual knowledge that too, on a platform that is largely followed by several people.

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