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These Places In The US Are Cool AF!

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Shipra Arora is a 34-year-old scriptwriter, based in Mumbai. Travelling is her passion and she has just returned from a 3-month-long backpacking trip from the US after quitting her last job, only to share her experiences here! #HauteStories

Whenever anyone talks about the US, New York is the first city one talks about. Los Angeles comes close second. Who can forget Hollywood, right? For many people I know, this is what USA is all about. But in my opinion, New York and LA are countries by themselves. In these two cities, you find people from all over the world, who mostly come to make their dreams-come-true. So for now, let’s keep the big cities like New York and L.A. aside, and let’s talk about places that truly leave you awestruck in the US.


grand canyon-US-travel-hauterfly

The Grand Canyon

The grandness of the Grand Canyon makes you realise how small we really are in front of nature. Besides being a beautiful sight, that place makes you wonder if you look this small in front of the Grand, Grand Canyon, how small you must be if you compare yourself to the Universe! Grand Canyon is one of those places in this world that truly leaves an indelible impact when you experience it.



Horseshoe Bend

One of the most photographed areas on the Colorado River, located just north of the Grand Canyon, and outside Page Arizona, this place leaves you wondering just how majestic nature truly is. It’s not something you can imagine until and unless you let yourself lose in it.


antelope canyon-travel-hauterfly

Antelope Canyon

Also situated in Page, this canyon makes you smile from ear to ear. Extremely beautiful, with just the right combination of depth, width, length, rock colour and ambient light, even if you’re a terrible cameraman, you’ll be surprised with the wonderful pictures you end up capturing. Such is the power of natural beauty.




If nature’s what inspires you, don’t miss a chance to enter this state. Comprising the Top 5 National Parks of the US, commuting here leaves you almost breathless and speechless. And the best part — all the 5 National Parks are located in stone’s throw distance from each other. You can drive through them all in a single afternoon. You can, but trust me, you shouldn’t. Because that would be like trying to admire the entire universe in one afternoon! How is that possible, right? While I was commuting through those roads, the Jurassic Park somehow just struck a chord. *winks*



Sequoia National Park

Last, but not the least, my absolute favorite — the Sequoia National Park. Situated in California, the park is famous for its giant sequoia tress including the German Sherman Tree, which is considered the largest tree on earth. Yes, largest! Can you imagine standing right in front of the largest and one of the tallest and oldest trees?What fascinated me the most about these trees wasn’t that the youngest tree just happens to be  1,000 years old or the largest tree needs 21 people to complete a tree hug, but the fact that every year, Sequoia National Park goes through a natural fire. And the more they burn, more they grow. Isn’t there a lot to learn from them?

Besides big buildings and great people, nature teaches you in its own way. So if you wish to learn the small secrets of life, make sure to add these wonderful places in your bucket list.


Shipra Arora is a 34-year-old scriptwriter, based in Mumbai. Travelling is her passion and after quitting her last job, she's been doing a lot more of it. She shares tales from her journeys exclusively with Hauterfly.

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