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This Adult Theme Park Is Every Wine Lover’s Dream Come True

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If you thought theme parks were nothing but generic cliches designed to entertain kids for a few hours, France just proved you wrong. After seven years of hard work, Bordeaux has proudly inaugurated La Cite du Vin or “the city of wine” — THE theme park for every wine lover. Situated on the banks of the Garonne river,  this hot new wine theme park is guaranteed to make every vintner drool.


Wine Park_1


The sleek new La Cite du Vin has lots of fun stuff in store for visitors. There’s a large auditorium that houses a whopping 250 seats designed for screenings and sessions on learning all about wine. But that’s not the fun part. There are all 20 different themed sections that you can pick from, to suit your needs. If your’re looking for some leisurely fun, opt for the simulated boat ride and experience the long journey of a merchant’s galley across the globe.


Wine Park_2


Oh and it wouldn’t be an authentic wine park without some wine tasting, would it? So settle back and let the tasting experts guide you along as you sample one delicious wine after another. You can even make purchases from their special wine boutique, which showcases over 80 different types of wine. If that’s not enough, you are also invited to sit yourselves down in lavish armchairs if you want to listen to stories and anecdotes of what happens when people have had one too many glasses of…err…fermented grape juice.


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But we saved the best for the last. We know that language can be a huge problem here, but La Cite du Vin has solved it for us in a fantastic way. At the entrance, there is a digital guide offered to you that will help translate every line and every verse into one of eight languages. How convenient is that?

So hold on to your seats, folks! La Cite du Vin is slated to open on June 1, 2016. Looks like a trip to Paris is on the cards!


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