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This Woman Conned Her Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend Out Of 1.3 Crores By Threatening To Leak Her Photos. This Is Horrible

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A lot of times, people confuse feminists with misandrists. As feminists, we stand for equality and women’s rights but we don’t hate men or believe they are the root of every problem. It’s because of this confusion that we have all had to hear the phrase, “you’re not that “feminist type”, are you?”. If I had a rupee for every time a guy has said that to me, my bank account would be in a much healthier state. And because we don’t shy away from calling out women who are in the wrong as well, today we are discussing a case where a woman blackmailed her boyfriend’s ex with morphed photos and exported a truckload of money from her. Am I the only twisted one who finds this interesting?  It’s a horrible con, yes but very interesting. 

You see, a 28-year-old woman morphed her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s photos and threatened to post them on social media if the ex doesn’t pay her money. Over the span of one and a half year, this woman extorted a whopping 1.3 crores. But I am getting ahead of myself, let me give you some context. 

According to TOI, Anushree lives with her child and boyfriend, Mahesh in Bangalore. Mahesh had no contact with his former college girlfriend, Rekha (name changed) until a while ago when he got hold of her number and texted her. Rekha lives with her husband of eleven years and he 8-year-old child. 

Two days after Mahesh got in touch with Rekha, Anushree texted her introducing herself as Mahesh’s girlfriend. The three of them befriended each other and began sharing personal details. A few days later, Aushree asked Rekha to send her some pictures and Rekha did. And here’s where the con begins. 

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After a few weeks, Anushree tells Rekha that she has a few intimate pictures and videos of hers and Mahesh that were taken back when they were together. She sent Rekha a few morphed photos and asked her to pay her money in exchange for not uploading those photos and videos on social media. A terrified Rekha sent her the money. This blackmail and con continued for a year and a half wherein Anushree kept sending Rekha morphed imaged and extorting her for money. By the end, Anushree had siphoned off 1.3 crores from Rekha. 

About a month ago, Anushree told Rekha that she would delete all these images if Rekha sent her Rs 15 lakh. But by then, Rekha had no money left and so she refused to comply. And in response to that, Anushree sent her another morphed picture of Rekha and threatened to put it out on social media. 

While all this was happening, Rekha’s husband noticed a gaping hole in her bank account and questioned her about it. She finally told her husband that she was being blackmailed and they then lodged a police complaint. The police investigated Anushree and Mahesh but then let Mahesh go since it was found that he had no idea all this was happening. Talk about a clueless man. Apparently, Anushree had given Mahesh Rs 5 lakh and used the rest of the money to build herself a house in her hometown. 

The police are still investigating the matter but there are a lot of unanswered questions. 

It’s a known fact that sometimes women are the worst enemies of other women but here we have proof. The worst part of this con is that instead of fighting against men morphing our pictures and blackmailing us, a woman is doing the exact same thing. The fear of our private pictures ending up on social media and being used against us is very real. Just the thought haunts me. 

We should be very careful about who with trust with our pictures.

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