This Same-Sex Couple Had The Perfect Wedding In New York During The Coronavirus Pandemic. The Details Are So Cute

This Same-Sex Couple Had The Perfect Wedding In New York During The Coronavirus Pandemic. The Details Are So Cute

I love a good love story. I watched The Notebook so many times, I know most of the dialogues. Okay, I know how cliché that is, and I might not be your head-in-the-clouds romantic, but I am a sucker for a good love story. You know, something you can tell your kids one day and they can go “aww” while you’ll sit there holding hands and celebrate your 40th anniversary.

But the fact is there is no love without adversaries. I mean, it would be no fun then, would it? And in our world what is the biggest hurdle you can think of? Of course, I am talking about the coronavirus. Are we even allowed to talk about anything else? Sorry, that was a bad joke. But the coronavirus has proven to be a huge obstacle for many couples who wished to seal their relationship and celebrate their love for one another this year.

So many couples have had to cancel or postpone their weddings and even cut their honeymoons short. Yes, it is very sad but hey, can’t compromise on safety right now. Now while some couples might be okay with waiting to get married, some can’t wait to declare their love. This same-sex couple from New York City definitely belongs to the latter category and their wedding has me fangirling all over them.

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Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler were all set to get married in October. However, since New York City has now officially been declared as the US epicentre of the coronavirus with over 16,000 active cases, they didn’t want to risk it. There is a ban on travel, and public gatherings and social distancing have become the new norm which is why they feared that their venue might still be closed in October.

Wanting to get married as soon as possible, they tried to go to the courthouse, but it was announced that the courthouse would remain closed indefinitely. So, they began calling their friends to find out who could officiate the ceremony for them. As it turns out, one of their friends Matt Wilson said he was ordained by the city clerk and he would be more than happy to marry them.

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With the marriage license already in hand, Matt who was practicing social distancing like a responsible citizen officiated their wedding on Friday. Amanda and Rilley held a small ceremony with their best friends and neighbours on the street under his apartment building in Washington Heights, Manhattan. Matt officiated the wedding by leaning out of his 4th floor apartment. He began by reading an expert from Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marques and went on the vows before pronouncing them married.

They got a pizza and opened a bottle of champagne afterward to celebrate. Reilly describes her wedding as a true New York love story.

This wedding proves that in the end, love does conquer all.

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