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This MP Minister Believes That She Is Immune To Coronavirus Because She Was Born In Cow Dung And Soil. Okay, Then

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I don’t know how many of you’ll remember but in March and April when the coronavirus was still fresh in everyone’s minds, or shall I say the fear was all pervasive, people believed that drinking cow urine was the cure and the perfect precaution. Our politicians made statements to support this ridiculous theory because, well, not supporting it is disrespectful to cows. And as our government would have you believe, there is no sin worse than that. In fact, all through this pandemic period, politicians have made some extremely questionable but super entertaining claims. For instance, who remembers the minister who said eating his brand of papad would cure coronavirus? Fun fact: he tested positive about a week after making the claim. You gotta love the irony. 

Now, here we are, 6 months and nearly 41 lakh cases later and it seems like our politicians don’t learn. Okay, that’s not a big revelation. What I am trying to say is even today, our ministers are making rubbish claims about cow dung and coronavirus. Seriously, we do not have good taste. We choose the worst men and representatives. 

The latest (but I am sure not the last) politician joining the idiocy ranks is Madhya Pradesh minister Imarti Devi. She claims that because she was born in gobar and mitti, corona can’t infect her. 

Well, good for her but being born amongst gobar and soil is a super weird thing to be proud of, don’t you think? I am really wondering what makes her think that people who are born amongst cow dung and mitti are immune to corona? What prompted her to make such a claim? Did she have a quick rumble in the mud and cowdung to boost her immunity? Also, I know hospitals aren’t exactly abundant in the country, but who are these people who are born amongst cow dung? Was Imarti Devi’s mother giving birth in a field or something? She does know that she’s some sort of medical marvel, right? So many interesting questions. 

Basically, she was annoyed when rumours of her having tested corona positive started floating about. When a few reporters, on 3rd September, asked her if that was true, she lashed out and basically said she was immune because she was born in cow dung and soil. 

She told the reporters, “I am born in mud and cow dung. Corona cannot come to me.” After saying this, she pointed to her mask and said she was wearing it forcefully. 

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Although, I feel like I should add that she wasn’t technically wearing her mask. It was around her chin. Because who needs protection from a virus that has killed 72,000 people when you have the magical powers of gobar? 

I think this laughable claim is right up there with President Trump’s detergent one. That was a doozy as well. 

You know, it’s no wonder that we have overtaken all the countries and are currently sitting in the number 2 spot on the coronavirus list. Our politicians seem to be too delusional to understand what exactly is going on in the world. I think we have more chances of sprouting wings and flying around a rainbow than we have of our politicians making statements that will actually help curb this mess. Also, please someone explain to me what is obsession all of them have with manure? Yes, it’s useful but it hasn’t got any supernatural powers. 

If the people running and representing our country stop promoting cows and actually focus on the problems of the people, we might be in much better shape.

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