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Everything You Need To Know About Sexting — And How To Be Good At It!

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In the world of 21st century fine arts, there’s not many as important as the art of sexting. And you can be sure this one’s here to stay, unlike glass painting and sh*t like that. So if you’re a noob in the business, here’s a few tips from the university.


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Start early

Sexting is not something you save up for when the club shuts. If someone receives a horny text from you at 3 am, they’re probably too sleepy to care, or knows you’re drunk.

So you’ve got to start earlier in the day. Not lunch time, but not dinner time either. Somewhere in between, when people are usually stepping out for their first drink at happy hours, is good. And keep it subtle. If it needs to get hot, they will drop little hints.


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When they receive that text, they’re probably going to assume you’ve sent it to a dozen potentials on your contacts’ list. That can’t be the case if you want to get lucky. Unless you’re a master of the game, I’d recommend sticking to a single target every time you start.


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Women like to feel wanted. If you want to know what that means, a bit of reading up would be good. Don’t use words that you would use when you’re out with your guy friends over beer and football. You will find words like fondle, seduce, tantalise, feel you, hold you, etc. which you probably don’t use in real life ever. But they work like a magic wand while sexting.

The cheesier you get on sexts, the quicker the magic works. Just don’t leave your phone unlocked near your friends, ever!


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Don’t rush, don’t be too long with the intervals. You’ve got to keep their interest, while making sure your interest is high too.


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Please use spell check. A terrible framed line of sexting will make it to their friends’ Whatsapp groups with your profile pic next to it.

Also, for the love of God, do not send unsolicited pictures. That will end up in the same Whatsapp group, and you may have to move town, but still never get over the trauma.

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