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These 5 Instagram Meme Pages Are For Sassy, Hilarious Women And We Love Them

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A while ago, I decided to wear a jumpsuit to a club. Yes, I looked smoking hot obviously *does a hair flip* but do you know what is the first thing you want to do after a few drinks? Use the washroom urgently. So, I go into the washroom hopping on one foot and finally get to a stall. Now usually it’s not that tough to finish business but here I had to remove my entire jumpsuit and sit there in all my nakedness and the feeling was annoying, to say the least. Then a few days later, I was going through Insta explore and guess what I see, my situation in its entirety as a meme and I laughed my ass off. Memes by themselves aren’t that funny but when you have a situation to relate them to, a good meme can really make your day! That’s when I realised, Instagram has become a platform for hilariously relatable memes and in this depressing world that two-second realisation of “I’ve been in that situation too” can break the monotony of an otherwise dull day. So, I rounded up the best Instagram pages that create memes on hilarious situations that every woman unanimously goes through. If you’re in dire need of a good laugh, today is your lucky day. Check it out.


I started following this page over a year ago and every time I see a post by them on my feed, I know I’m in for a hearty laugh. With 3 million followers their memes are not only relatable but every one of them is so uniformly created, it’s amazing. Whoever created this page must have a unique perspective on life.


The first thing that attracted me to this page was the name. “Zero fucks girl” is, okay?.  Basically, this page, justifying its name creates memes that are sassy and for girls who don’t give a shit. At 1.4 million followers, this page is guaranteed to become your favourite meme page in no time.


When you look at a page that is named “Daddy issues” you know the content is going to be hilarious. With a whopping 4.1 million followers, this page will have you in splits with every meme. The creator of this page, Violet Benson must have gone through a lot of things to come up with memes that speak to my dark soul.


Are you a sassy girl? Do you thrive on sarcasm? If your answer to both those questions is yes, then you really need to be following this page. It’s funny and sassy and says all the things you wish you could say without getting into a ton of trouble. They enjoy a following of 4.1 million people and the content really deserves it.


If you’re tired of looking at the same kind of memes over and over again, don’t fret, we have a change for you that you will welcome. Jooleeloren makes memes that look like comics, but they will have you saying, “I have so been there.” When a friend recommended this page to me, it didn’t look like much but the more I read, the more hooked on I got. Check it out guys, you’ll love this one.

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