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Follow This Instagram Account For Your Daily Dose Of Inspiration & Bollywood Fun

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Instagram is taking over all aspects of our lives and since we are allowing it to do so, we can always follow accounts that put a smile on our faces, accounts that portray what we are afraid to say out loud, and accounts that get us going, especially on days we feel low.

One such account is that of Angel Bedi aka The Filmy Owl.

This 26-year-old started doodling when she was all of 3, and has not stopped since. Her mother kept her silly ones (as she calls them) safe like they were treasure, and gave her daughter the encouragement to keep doing what she does.

A few years ago, when she started posting her doodles on Facebook, people took notice and reacted to them positively. Ever since, it has been her and her artwork framed by her love for Bollywood.

While she was studying at NIFT, Angel had no idea that she wanted to be a business entrepreneur, but here she is painting her imagination on bags, books, and stationery for websites like Happily Unmarried. She’s a designer who creates magic in her studio space.

The Filmy Owl is her alter ego and that is where she lets her thoughts flow. She picks up quotes from here and there about self love, girl power, love, heartbreaks, and so much more, and gives them beautiful makeovers.

Her feed is vibrant and colourful, with a mix of posts and videos, and the music will take you back to the classics. Every now and then, there’ll be something about the Hindi film industry, which is nothing mainstream.

Angel’s feed is not usually your standard square one and you will also find glimpses of the dog she adopted, Chaabi. Yup, many reasons to love her.

Scroll down and take a look at how this gorgeous woman takes inspiration from her hometown, Delhi, from things she sees on the silver screen, and from life in general, to create something that most of us will connect with.

People like her give us hope that there is nothing in wrong in doing what you like, even if society thinks it’s a joke. I mean, we all have been asked not to doodle by our teachers, right?

PS: she really, really loves Bobby Deol.















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