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Relive Your Memories With Snapchat’s New Feature!

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Snapchat is getting more and more interesting every day. With the speed at which it is adding new features, it’s not surprising that it has crossed Twitter in the number of daily users. Keeping up with the demand of giving something new and unique to its users, Snapchat has now rolled out a new feature called Memories.




Located next to the Add To Story icon is a small “tick” sign, which is the Memories icon. Once you click an image, you can save it in memories and relive the moments later. Basically, instead of storing it in your camera roll, this feature enables you to save your stories within the app itself. What you can now do is add these images to your story or send it to your contacts individually anytime you want. To open the Memories screen, swipe up on the main screen.




When you want to search for an image, just type in the location where the picture was clicked, or the theme of the image, or something else that best describes it. For instance, if you type summer, all images that Snapchat thinks are related to the word will appear, like beach images, your summer vacation, sunsets, etc. Don’t worry if you can’t see this feature enabled on your Snapchat just yet. The company will be rolling this out to all users within this month. Just make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.

What’s interesting about this new feature is that stories are going to get way longer now. Whether or not it works in favour of the app, only time will tell!

Images courtesy: Snapchat


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