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Here’s Everything We Know So Far About The iPhone 7!

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This bit of news looks like the worst kept secret on the internet by now. Nevertheless, it’s still got us excited. Especially now that it’s been confirmed by a long-time Apple supplier. Allen Horng, the CEO of Catcher Technology (which manufactures iPhone’s chassis) confirmed to Forbes that the new iPhone 7 will now come in a glass casing — yes, glass! — a radical shift away from Apple’s usual design. Earlier in April, analyst Ming Chi-Kuo — the maestro of iPhone predictions — also said a similar thing.

According to several rumours, two new variants of the iPhone are in the offing. Interestingly, one version won’t have the brushed aluminium exterior we’re used to seeing and will instead be wrapped entirely in glass (quite like the Samsung Galaxy S7). Naturally, the internet has a lot to say about this — both positive and negative. However, for those of you who were expecting a brand new design, you might be in for some disappointment. Experts suggest that it will supposedly be the same as the iPhone 6.

Some people are worried about the weight this new glass casing will add to the phone. However, Apple has said that the weight will get balanced by OLED screens being introduced in the new handsets, which are purported to be much lighter than the current LED screens. Other concerns revolve around the quality and durability this new phone will possess. Like iPhones aren’t already breakable!

Apple is also planning to do away with the headphone jack (WHAT?!) and is trying to compensate for it by incorporating four speakers! Now that’s huge, right? In other news, the camera is expected to be the best so far.

The exact cost of this phone is not out yet but judging by the glass addition, it is going to be expensive. We’re still going to buy it anyway, right? September, please come soon!


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