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Facebook Live Just Got Way Cooler!

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I’m sure all of you have checked out Facebook Live by now. The live video option has made communicating with friends, family, and fans so much easier! But Facebook isn’t done just yet. The social media giant has just amped up the service by introducing some cool new filters, much like the ones on Snapchat.

Facebook acquired the Masquerade app back in March. Now, they plan to make the most of this face-swapping app, dubbed MSQRD, to make Facebook Live even more epic. With this new feature, you can now stream a live video wearing a virtual mask of sorts with crazy filters overlayed on top. It all sounds cool and stealthy, doesn’t it? We wonder if they’ll have the puppy dog filter, though. We all know how crazy the world is about that one!


MSQRD in post_Hauterfly

Courtesy: MSQRD

Fidji Simo, Facebook’s Director of Product made the announcement at VidCon, California, saying that this new feature should be arriving in the coming weeks.

It sure looks like face-swapping is the next big thing! Only last year, the facial recognition startup Looksery helped Snapchat build its in-app face-swapping feature. It then comes as no surprise that Facebook too wants to be right where all the action is. What’s more, Facebook even announced that soon, you’ll be able to invite friends to drop in on a live conversation. Live broadcasts will also be made possible with the provision of a “lobby system”, which lets you hang around before the broadcast begins, much like a real event. You can even schedule a video beforehand.

All of this makes it easier for celebrities and other famous personalities to give interviews, share news, and just have a great time with the audience, in general! However, this feature will first be available to the Verified Pages only.

How cool is this new update? We absolutely cannot wait for this feature to be rolled out worldwide!


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